Thursday, December 22, 2005

You're such a j3Rk!

Why there can be such a jerk still living in this world? How can a guy be so 'kecil hati' or should I say 'too sensitive'? Okie, you guys must be wondering what is going on. The story starts like this...
On one fine morning, before dawn actually, around 6 something in the morning, I was awake to turn on my notebook cause I need to talk with my LKC thru MSN. Normally I would just leave my notebook on whole night, but on the night before, my sister shut down the notebook for me. So when I was connected to the Internet, I received a yahoo message from this jerk. Here is how the conversation goes...
Jerk: Morning Lisan. Can I ask you something?
Lisan: Morning, what is it?
Jerk: May I know how many festivals are chinese celebrating? I need it for my assignment.
For god's sake, how do I know how many festivals are there? I'm not the traditional chinese. I don't celebrate all the festivals even if I do, how can I name everything out early in the morning when I was still half asleep? So I didn't reply him and talked with my LKC with my eyes still closing. I was totally forgot about this conversation till just now, I sent a message to him.
Lisan: Hiya. Sorry I didn't reply your message the other day. I fell asleep.
Jerk: It's ok. When I needed your help, you don't want to help. I asked my friend already. It's ok. I got to go now. Bye.

Ok, I was wrong for not telling you. But god knows why, how do I know? Maybe I could help you out when you ask me this kind of question during day time, not in the morning, ok, uncle? Not that I don't want to help you when you needed my help. The timing was not right when you asked me that question. I was very upset cause you think I am this kind of person. Am I wrong for not answering your question? Try to put yourself on someone's shoe. Maybe your brain is working perfectly early in the morning, but not for me. Perhaps I was still half aslept when I asked you what I can do for you. I was very wrong for asking you this question. Perhaps I should just ignore your message and go back to sleep or just talk with my LKC.


Survon said...

It's usual that there's always communication break down while talking in MSN. That's the MSN WORLD !!