Saturday, December 24, 2005

Need HTML expert!

Can someone who is good in HTML help me out? As you view my blog, do you notice that my sidebar (Profile, Archieve etc) is at the bottom of the page (after the blogs)? Why is it like this? This only happens when I use Internet Explorer to view it. The sidebar is perfectly at the top of the page when I use Mozilla Firefox to view the page. Why is it like that? Is there any setting I need to change so that it views perfectly in both I.E and Mozilla? Or do I need to change any of the HTML commands like the width the alignment or something? Need HTML guru. I find it quite annoying when I view it with I.E. Need to settle this problem asap.


Anonymous said...

Ahh..the inexplicable mysteries between IE and mozilla. You most probably need to tweak with your CSS file. Not too familiar with the structure blogger uses but start with your CSS, you won't go wrong.