Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happy Dumpling Festival!


Everyone seems busy in the office today. I’ve no idea at all what is happening around me today? Some people came to the office as early as 7.30am just because there were some prayers going on at our new premise at 6th floor. Well, I didn’t get involved in this prayer as ermm…it’s none of my business. Somemore it was not a Chinese prayer, it was just an Indian prayer. So there wasn’t any roasted pork to eat. They only have something called “sweet rice” but it tasted suck. The rice has been cooked till very soft, something like the pulut texture and was added with brown sugar and ginger. It looks like Chinese dumpling physically but it tasted horribly.

Oh yeah, talking about dumpling, today is the Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng Jik). LKC told me the story behind this rice dumpling before. If I remembered clearly, it was about a Chinese patriot who was being thrown into the river because he was protesting the government or something like that. The local people respected him very much and to scare away any fish who might want to eat him, threw rice into the river. That was how we started to have the rice dumpling as part of our festival and culture. LKC, did I remember it correctly?

Something is wrong with my Basis team lately, but I’ve no idea at all what is going wrong. Norli came back to the office on last Monday to look for Hari but Hari was on-leave. So she came back to the office again today and talked with Hari for quite some time. After Norli left, Jaya came back to office as well, but I’ve no idea as well why he was back to the office as he was supposed to be in F&N since today will be the end of our contract with F&N. No more data centre management jobs to be done in F&N in future. Before Jaya left, Jaya told me to call Kharthi as he doesn't want me to sit in the office. He was trying to let me know how busy we are right now, but I just couldn't feel that as most of the Basis tasks that we have now are mostly on ad-hoc basis. Anyway, after Jaya left, Augustin was back to the office. Today is Augustin’s last day in BF. He was supposed to leave on 2nd May but was postponed till today. He talked with Hari also but I don’t know what they were talking about. Before Augustin leave, he shook hands with everyone in the office. Aww…I felt bad that time as he was like my father who gave me all the advice and taught me all the basis stuff while I was in F&N. Thanks a million, Mr Augustin!

Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm so sad!


Oh no! Why did they treat me like that? Why did they have to end it this way? Sigh...I've been so addicted to The O.C. these few days, thought everything will be fine between Ryan and Marissa as they had been through alot before getting back together. Though I haven't finished watching Season 3 and I was trying very hard not to read at the episod guide on the website, but I still couldn't avoid of getting to know that season 3 ended with tragedy. I was reading The Star yesterday and I saw Marissa's photo was on the paper. So without any doubt, I read the news and found out that she met an accident and passed away (in The O.C., not in real life). Ooohhh...why lar they have to end Season 3 this way? Can't they have a happy ending? After reading the news, I went to The O.C official website to read what was actually going in the final episod of Season 3. Here is what I found
"The car explodes and Ryan lays Marissa down on the pavement and rouses her. He tells her he’s going to get help, but she begs him to stay. And then she dies."
Oh so sad...*sob**sob*

Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Today is a big day for 4 friends of mine -- Faye, Grace, Albert and Andy. Though Grace, Albert and Andy are not reading my blog, anyway just wish also lar...hahaha. Anyway, wishing you guys always happy and pretty/ handsome all the time. To the girls, hoping both of you will find your true love and get married and live happily ever after. To the guys, wishing both of you work harder and earn lots of $$$ to be able to provide a save and comfortable shelthers to your next half. Anyway, Happy Birthday again! Bless ya!

Weekend with differences


Been staying at home for the weekend as LKC wasn't in town this weekend. Was catching up with my back-dated tv series which I had not been watching it since errmm....after I came back from it has been more than a year, I reckon!

Started off The O.C marathon on Saturday morning as I had no idea on what to do for the weekend. Been trying to scan through all the episods that I had watched to refresh my memory on what was going on before that and trying to find which episod I last watched. Ah ha...there you are, Season 2 Episod 8, this was the episod where I last watched.

What keeps me motivated on continuing watching this tv series?

Been very excited with the Ryan-Marissa and Seth-Rachel relationship. Hoping that they always be together and yes...they did. After some datings and breakups, finally they're back together. Ryan-Marissa are the problem-child couple while Seth-Rachel are the silly-yet-funny couple.

While I was having The O.C marathon in my room, my sister was having her Jewel in the Palace marathon in the living room. The first thing we did in the morning wasn't brushing our teeth or having the breakfast. The first thing we did in the morning was turning on notebook/ tv and continue the marathon. I've finally finished watching Season 2 of the series and catched up with a few episods of Season 3, which I had been looking on the screen for errmm...I guess for almost 24 hours (16 episods of Season 2 and 5 episods of Season 3). The O.C fever is still very high right now, how I wish I don't have to work today and stay at home and continue the series. Sigh,too bad I didn't know my boss is on-leave today, if not, I should have save some episods into my notebook and watch it in the office, since I'm quite free lately. Hahaha....dreaming.

Oh yeah, I'm so in to The O.C now, almost forgotten that I went to Red Box Karaoke at The Curve on Saturday night to celebrate my jie-mui, Faye's birthday. Started our "concert" at around 11.30pm and ended the "concert" at 4am, the next morning. After the karaoke session, Faye had to send Jackson back to Setapak, so Faye, Manfred, Ayumi, Jackson and I went to Jalan Ipoh for hmmm...supper/ breakfast before sending Jackson back to Setapak. Reached home at 6am and slept for less than 5 hours. Wow, tiring but enjoyed myself. It's totally worth it!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

81 days left


What do I mean by the 81 days left? It's not my birthday as it had just past. It's not my anniversary with LKC as well as I had already talked about this at the beginning of the year. It's not New Year also as we're only in the middle of the year. If you're free enough, then try to count what is the date after 81 days from today (25th May 2006). Ok, I know you all won't bother don't count. 81 days from today will be 15th August 2006. So, what's so special with this date? As for Chinese, 15th August is the Mooncake Festival, but I'm not talking about the lunar calendar now. Guess not many people know about this date as I did not tell many people about this. LKC and I went to Matta Fair few months back and we booked a tour to Korea and we will be leaving to Korea on the 15th August 2006. I've counted and it's only left 81 days. Time flies...didn't notice it that I'll be going to Korea in less than 100 days. Longing for this day to come! Finally, I'm going somewhere for holiday with LKC. The only place that we went for holiday in these 4 years of being together is Genting Highland. Though I've been to Australia, Singapore and lately Thailand and LKC has been to USA and Phillipines, but we never had a chance to go for an oversea trip together. At first, LKC thought of going to Hong Kong but we have to be very rich in order to go to Hong Kong. Why? Though the tour package is cheap, it costs only RM1700++ for 4 days 3 nights Hong Kong + ShenZhen + Disneyland tour, but they'll only provide 1-2 meals for the whole trip. As we all know, the standard of living in Hong Kong is not cheap, I heard that just a meal of dim sum can cost you at least RM50 and don't forget that's just for the breakfast. Though the Korea trip costs us RM 2200++ but it's more worth it as it's a 6 days 5 nights trip which will provide most of the meals. I think we should be able to save alot of money on food as I know the standard of living in Korea is as high as in Hong Kong. We paid more for the tour package but we'll be paying less on the food and we'll have extra 2 days of trip in Korea, which I think is more reasonable.

Friday, May 19, 2006

UEFA Champions League 2006



Sigh, I lost in the betting. Bet with Tarmizee on which team was going to win in this year UEFA Champions League, Arsenal vs Barcelona. I'm not someone who knows football very well. Was just betting it for fun. Luckily I just bet RM10, didn't increase the bet when Tarmizee asked for RM50. If not, there goes my RM50. Thought Arsenal would be very "jang hei" to win this game as this was their first time to go in to final. But it really disappointed every Arsenal supporters I guess. Why I bet Arsenal and not Barcelona? That's because of you lorr...LKC. You're Arsenal's fans, so I trusted you. Thought Arsenal really that good...but sigh, my RM10 gone in to Tarmizee's pocket already.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just for fun


答: Success in career. Better job and better pay of course! And not to forget world peace!

答:Everything is good and fine.  

答: Powerpuff Girls. Just love these 3 cute lil gals too much. They're smart and cute. Just like the Ms Hong Kong's motto..."mei mau yee jee wai".

答: So far, no regrets! Every mistake that I made is a chance for me to think about what is best for myself.

答:I don't just smile, I laugh too. Everytime I smile/laugh is from the bottom of my heart.

答: Have I set my alarm clock?

答:If I don't know about it, there's nothing I can do. If I knew about it, see what will he tell me. I'll give him chance to explain. Don't worry, LKC...I trust you. I know you won't do this to me...hehehe

答: everything that I have now

答:Don't remember the last time I cried, but I remember the first time I cried was on my 1-5-2002.

答:Fei Pin said no need to answer this question. It's for guy.

提问11 :LL新增问题:你的理想伴侣是什么样的?现实点回答,否则一律打PP 。
答:I want handsome, tall, fair and rich guy, this is only in my fantasy lar. In reality, my Mr. Right would be someone who loves me and hopefully rich lar...hahaha. Coz according to LKC, my "maintainence" fee is not cheap...hahaha

答:Theoretically we know it exists. But practically, does it really exist? Don't know. Only the astronauts know.

答: yes, I do believe.

答: No need to work...hahaha. This is my biggest wish of all time.

第15题:JO的新问题:如果现在有机会让你从新选择.你会读哪科? 做哪个行业?
答:Currently I'm quite satisfied with my job except...errr something lar. But so far, this field is okay. So no plans of changing to another field.

第16题:紫炫的新增问题: 如果给你100万(RMB啦),你会吃下超恶心的虫子吗?(注:此虫子无毒无害,但是肉乎乎,粘稀稀,有N条腿,还吐着不明物,还有你必须咀嚼N下才行,不能一口吞下去)呵呵,这问题不算狠毒吧~
答: How much is RMB1 million in Ringgit? Alot? Hmm...maybe can give a try. No harm what.

答 this moment Luxor game. I've died for thousands over time, still didn't manage to finish it...sigh.

第18题: Jeckle的新增问题:什么样的事业才是有意义的,自己该怎么取舍?
答 work I guess.

答:Of course for myself.

答:Fate is something that is not there when you wish for it. But it's there when you don't expect it.

答:Don't really believe in horoscope. Everyone has their own attitude.

答:My translator doesn't understand this question.

答:Ask him to wear more clothes and turn on the heater.

答:They are just normal people.

答:Something that we can't avoid. I wanna be myself.

答 idea.

答: Never tried this before. But that person sure thinks that I know him/her or I'm crazy.

答: LKC

29题:jade added: 你最快樂的一件事?
答:To be happy all the time.

答: No and it won't happen also. No point to think about this.


答: Because the things/human is still exist. That's why you won't treasure it. But when it's not around anymore, then you'll regret that you didn't treasure it in the first place. Anyway, it's just life!

答:It's just different kind of love

答:I never made any resolutions in New Year.

答: There won't be any result if you just sit there and do nothing. Sometimes it's stupid and sometimes it's smart. Depends on the situation.

答: Nope...hopefully. I have my LKC now, no need to look for another guy.


答 : Don't know. I'm never a guy. Never know how a guy thinks.

第39 题:YYY 的~~~ 我很质疑我和你的关系。 形容一下。 是什么关系?怎样的relationship.(例:友谊, 交心的朋友)。
答 : Huh?

第40 题:candy ask ~~ has anyone done anything sweet to u? what is it?
答 : Yes...but forgot what it is

第41 题 : cnee ask why people need to work??!!!!!
答 : Because it's part of a cycle. Study --> Work --> Marry --> Give birth --> Die

第42 题 : febe ask ~ why everything oso need money??
答 : Because there's no free lunch in this world.

第43 题 :Lisan ask ~ Why do we have Monday blues?


Faye, Popo and Pui've been tagged! I know 3 of you also don't really know chinese, get a translator to explain it to you. :p

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hat I come!


Tomorrow will be my last day of work for the week. Yes...hahaha, so happy. Will be going back to Ipoh after work and leaving to Hat Yai, Thailand on Thursday morning.This is my first time to Thailand, though Hat Yai is at the border of Thai-Malaysia, yet it's still part of Thailand. That means another stamp contributes to my passport. Will be going there by car with my brother, sister-in-law and not to forget my beloved niece, cid-cey-ceow. What are the things that can be done over there? I guess nothing much can be done over there except shopping and eating. Heard that the shark fins and birds' nests are very cheap over there. Shall go and taste it! Will write more about it after I come back from there.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Something's wrong lately!


What is wrong with everyone now? I thought I'm the only one disappearing from this blogosphere as I'm getting lazier and lazier to update my blog as well as I have nothing interesting to blog about. That's why you have been seeing me updating my blog maybe once a week. Is this lazy-to-blog disease spreading to others as well? I don't see any new updates on the blogs that I visit everyday. Popo's blog has been stucked at the "Finger Licking Good" post and no new updates from her after that. Don't tell me you ate your fingers as well when you were having your . As for Kate's blog, she's still stucked at the "Last Weekend in London". Hey, come on, you're back to Malaysia for 2 weeks now, update your blog. Tell the friends that you're back to Malaysia and update us on your latest progress after coming back. As for Chun Nee's blog, guess she just loves to watch the BrokeBack Mountain too much until she forgot to update her blog. By the way, don't write in Chinese-lah. I don't know how to read. Thanks to Faye's blog that keeps me entertain lately. I can see more than 1 new blog entries everyday and it's quite interesting to read her blog especially on "HongKong trip 2006", which really makes me wanna go to Hong Kong now. Guys, please keep us update with the latest happenings.



I was talking with LKC last night and we were discussing something which I had never thought about it until last night.Friends used to ask me about this question but I have never seriously thought and even discussed with LKC. Since I have been together with LKC for more than 4 years now, some friends told me that it's almost time for us to get married as it's not healthy for dating for such a long period. Marriage is not in our planning yet as both of us are considered young to get married at this age. LKC has been working for less than 3 years and I've been working for less than a year. We don't own a house/apartment, LKC's car is still on loan and I'm still driving the same car that my father bought for me 4 years ago.You can see that we're not financially stable right now. I have a list of things that I want/need to do now but marriage is not at the top or could I say it's not even on my list now.
Okay...back to the topic that LKC and I talked about last night. We were not discussing about marriage, we were discussing our life after getting married. LKC is working in Ipoh and I'm working in KL now, we only get to see each other in the weekend. It's fine for both of us at the moment, as we're actually used to be apart since we started to be together. Still remembered, 4 years ago when we started to be together, I only got to see LKC in the weekend only though we were staying very nearby. He was staying in USJ and I was staying in Sunway, which is considered quite near, but LKC made the decision for seeing each other only on the weekend. Things changed when I actually stayed at his place and we got to see each other everyday. In the year 2003, LKC finished his studies and moved back to Ipoh to work, I was alone again in KL as I had to study for my final semester in Inti before going to Australia. In the year 2004, I had left to Australia for one year and we never seen each other for a year. People always say, long-distance relationship never work. But I've proved that it works for us. How did we maintain our relationship? Through phone calls everyday. That's how we maintained our long-distance relationship. Back in 2005, I met LKC almost everyday until August, when I moved to KL and started my career here. Till now, I only got to meet LKC on the weekend. Don't you think I'm used to getting apart from LKC? Things seem to be fine now, when we are not attached to each other yet, but what about after we get married? Either one has to sacrifice or else we won't be able to find the best solution. I've told LKC that I won't be moving back to Ipoh to work and it's not a good choice for LKC to work in Ipoh for one whole life. You guys must be thinking, the best solution will be LKC moves to KL to work. The problem is LKC has to take care of his father in Ipoh. There's no way he'll leave his father alone in Ipoh and come to KL to work. And there's no way that I go back to Ipoh to work as there isn't any good jobs that I can find in Ipoh.
Maybe I'm thinking too much at the moment since we haven't planned to get married in these 2 years time. But all these have to be planned beforehand. Sigh...anyone has a better solution that will benefit both sides? Need your kind suggestions here.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Special Day


Last Monday (1st May) was a public holiday for everyone. It's not just a public holiday to me as it's one of the special day in the year as well. Why? I'm sure those who know me very well should have known that my birthday falls on the same day as in Labour Day. Some jokes that had been made from some friends about this special day of mine. Some were jokingly asking "how did your mum give birth to you when everyone (including the doctor) is off on Labour Day?" Some even said "It's a Labour Day and your mum had to labour. She should be taking a day off since it's a Labour Day." Anyway, it's a great day since I do not have to work on that day and so does everyone.
30th April
How did I celebrate my birthday this year? Well, on the eve, I went to Matang (nearby Taiping) to have a seafood dinner with my family and LKC. It was a last minute trip though I suggested to my dad early of the day. He didn't take any action until it was around 6 something. The journey to Matang took about an hour from Ipoh and we reached there at around 7.30pm. We waited for more than an hour as it was very crowded, most probably due to the long weekend holiday. Ordered 7-8 dishes which include 3 types of fish, crab, prawn, vegies. The food there was okay but the price was really cheap. It costed less than RM200 for 7 persons.
1st May
According to LKC, I need to eat some cake on my birthday. So as per his wish, we went to Indulgence in the afternoon just to eat cake. Look at the yummy chocolate moist cake that I ordered for myself.

The yummy chocolate moist cake

The wai sik me...*slurp*

LKC's blueberry crumbies...not that nice, my chocolate moist cake is nicer...hehehe

The match made from heaven...Thanks for everything, LKC. Love ya!

It was so relaxing sitting here...nice place

2nd May

Came back to KL after a long weekend. How I wish I could stay in Ipoh and don't need to come back to KL to work *dreaming*. Went out yum char with Faye, Michelle and Manfred. They bought a cake for long I never blow candles on my birthday. Still remember the last time I "blew" candles was 2 years back, when I was still in Australia. I didn't actually blow the candles that time as in Australia, when you purchase a cake, the candle doesn't come along with the cake. So you have to buy the candles separately but the clumsy friends of mine, didn't know that they didn't give candles. To maintain the "blowing candles" culture, I had to blow the torch lights, instead of blowing candles. Those were the days.

Thanks Faye, Michelle and Manfred for the cake.

Cutting cake ceremony

I got bullied by Faye

Thanks everyone for calling and sms me to wish my Happy Birthday. Really appreciated that. Thanks alot!