Friday, December 16, 2005

Girls' outing!

Went to The Curve to celebrate Chun Nee's birthday last night. We had our dinner in a Japanese restaurant, if I'm not wrong, the restaurant's name is called Sakae something. The environment was not bad as we were sitting at the corner and it was just nice for us to chit-chat. Finally we had a girls' night without having any guys around. Sometimes it's quite nice when you are going out with a few of your close friends rather than going out with one big gang, but ended up you are just talking with 2 or 3 friends. We ordered some sushi, temaki, chicken sukiyaki (yummy...slurp) and a bowl of rice with chicken (don't know the name of it). The food is not bad and the price is just reasonable. The best part of this restaurant is there's a monitor for every table. You can just order the food with a click of the mouse and the food is served quite fast. Two thumbs up for this restaurant.
After dinner, we took a few pictures at the centre court of The Curve. As Christmas is just around the corner, most of the shopping centres are decorated with christmas trees, santa clause, snow, mistletoes and etc. Manage to take some pictures but the decorations in The Curve still could not compared with Mid Valley. Mid Valley is the best! Two thumbs up again for Mid Valley. The decorations in Sunway Pyramid and 1-Utama are just so-so. Nothing much in there just some christmas trees and santa clause.


~~ pHoEBe ~~ said...

Happy gathering without a guy.. i think quiet sometimes, 4 of us din meet up oredi... i mean without any guy la... we can chit chat and take some picture there... gals, find some other times then we meet up again ya.... mmuak, take care!

ne3ko said...

yea.. nite without guy ya.. tat's nt much chance since v graduate. nice enviorment.. tasty food.. and good frens.. bt wasted bcoz i dint take photo with fpin n lala alone.. nvm nvm.. v take next time.. ^-*