Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Love White


It has been a while since the last time I changed my blogskin. Was browsing through the BlogSkin's website, trying to get some new blogskin for my site but it doesn't seem like there's one that can catch my attention. I'm feeling very boring with the skin that I'm having now. It was actually not my ideal skin, but at that time I was too lazy to find other subtitutes to replace it and I actually did alot of modifications on that skin. So I've decided to stick to that skin until I have the motivation to find a better skin.
White is always my favourite colour among other colours like black, blue and pink. I like other colours too but white will always catch my attention first and my priority will definitely be the white colour. I will always find that the white colour clothing is always the nicest even though some people say that you'll actually look fatter with lighter colours, but I just don't know why I will still choose the white one. Most of the people would prefer to buy black dress/ night gown, I don't find black dresses are nice at all. Maybe you'll look very elegant in black dress, but to me, I will definitely choose white dress rather than the dull black dress.
Anyway, I'm just talking nonsense here. I just want to tell you guys why I changed my blogskin to something very very very simple and plain. The reason is because I love white!
There are some websites that I'll visit to look for new blogskins. Just wanna share with you all if you all are bored with the blogskin that you're using right now.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tag: 10 of life's simple pleasure


"Name 10 of life's simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick 10 people to do the same. Try to be original and creative; try not to use things that someone else has already used."
  1. waking up LKC by tickling him and "wrestle" with him on the bed early in the morning
  2. the process of preparing a meal - searching for the recipe, buying the ingredients, cutting and preparing the ingredients, trying the taste while cooking it and finally satisfying the outcome when everyone's enjoying it
  3. an outing with friends that I hardly meet and spending time updating each others
  4. karaoke session, dinner/ lunch, shopping, movies or yum char with a few close friends on the weekend
  5. just staying at home and spending time with LKC and my family, especially cid-cey-coew
  6. working out at the gym
  7. having a nice meal - nevermind about the price, as long as it's worthy
  8. spending time reading blogs, blogging, surfing websites, chatting, i.e anything that can be done with internet connection
  9. going to somewhere not familiar at all just for the food
  10. travelling to other countries and spending time there to adapt myself with the new environment

I tag...Fei Pin, Chun Nee, Kate, Paullie

Aiyah...I only got 4 people in my list, but's enough already

Sunday, September 24, 2006

84 days more


Went to Matta Fair yesterday afternoon to re-book my Korea trip with LKC. At last, my Korea trip is confirmed! Will be going to Korea on the 17th! It's a 6 days trip to Seoul, Nami Island Suwon and last but not least a ski tour!'s gonna be winter. Sigh, the trip is more expensive than the last trip that we booked. An extra of RM600 per person, but nvm lah, LKC is paying for the whole trip, I need not worry bout it...hehehe. All I need is to save money to buy the winter wear, which I always wanted to buy. It's gonna be Christmas season...finally, I can celebrate a white christmas this time. I tried skiing before back in Australia, but never enjoyed myself that time, the ski equipment was soooooo heavy and I was at the ski resort for only one day. There wasn't enough time for me to really experience it. It's gonna be different this time, I will be staying at Hyundai Sungwoo Ski Resort for one night. Will have enough time to play and the most interesting part will be making a snow man with my LKC. I wanted to go to Jeju Island but they did not offer a 6 days trip that included Jeju Island. If I were to choose Jeju Island, then I will be going to Shanghai instead of Seoul and it will be a 8 days trip. I had been enjoying the Korean BBQ last two months, wonder whether the one that I had in Malaysia is the same as those that are in Korea. Hmm...will be able to find out soon. Korea, here I come!

Friday, September 22, 2006

You're one year older!


OMG...there are really really really many people borned in the month of September. I know it's very irritating to those that visit my blog for reading the birthday wishes almost everyday. So, to save this hassle, I'll just wish them all at once here.

1st - Shiau Wei
4th - LKC
5th - Popo
11th - Soo
13th - Mei Yin
14th - Lin Zhen
17th - Sidney
21st - Oi Lan
22nd - Betsy and Yudi
28th - Fei Yee
29th - Rong Hui

Most of them never read my blog...but never mind lar, wish them Happy Birthday also larrr. At least I wish them. Hahaha...see I already said in my earlier post, September is a peak season. Happy birthday to you guys and gals. Wishing you all have a happy life always and may all you wishes come true. To those that already have bf/ gf, then wishing both of you will get married soon and don't forget to invite me to be your "jie mui" or "heng dai". And to those haven't found your Mr. Right or Miss Right, then wishing you all will find them as soon as possible. Happy birthday once again!
p/s: If I missed anyone out from the list, a thousand apologies!



Why are they so many brainless people/ system still exist in the world? Ok, there are two things that really made me pissed off last 2 days.
Case 1
I know I haven't been complaining much ever since I left the hell in Shah Alam. I thought I will not be complaining on the stupid @$$hol3 PM anymore after I left the project for good. But why do they always have problems with the system? Why can't they leave me in peace? Ok, I understand that I have to help them fix the problem and I'm willing to help them, it's totally not a problem at all. When the customer calls and tell you that their system is having some problem, to my understanding, the customer, of course has to inform the stupid @$$hol3 PM first before informing me, as this @$$hol3 is stationed at their place. Then just let the @$$hol3 does all the calling and allocating people to fix the problem. But this very "kind" customer, never inform the @$$hol3 before informing me. So, I logged in remotely to help in to fix the problem and suddenly I found out that the email that he sent to me regarding the problem never Cc to the @$$hol3. So, to save my @$$, I sent an SMS to him, asking him to inform the @$$hol3 that I'm doing something on the system. Aiii...I don't know how this customer told the @$$hol3 that I've logged in to the system. This stupid @$$hol3 quickly called me once he knew about it. He said, "Lisan ahh, can you inform me first before you do anything on the PRD system ahh?? No wonder I found the PRD system is so slow." Excuse me, I had already done with my work the time you called and I never find the system was crawling even when I was doing my work and don't forget, I was logging in remotely, which means it will definitely be slower. You should advise the customer to inform you first before asking me to log in, since you're the PM for the project, isn't it? You're there full time and you don't know that they're having problem with the system. I wonder what are you doing there whole day? Kaypoh'ing whether people using their yahoo messenger or not, doing the never ending and always-having-problem authorization issue, and doing the stupid statistics to find out whether the users logged in and do their work or not. Do you know that you're the worst and the most useless PM ever exist on this planet?
Case 2
Anything that really made me very pissed off last night. The very popular telecommunication company, Mxxxs, or better known as the 0x2 is such a big company but they're using the most ciplak system and hiring the most lousy staff. I had made a complain in July when I found that I was charged RM5 for the itemised billing, which should be waived as I was only receiving the e-billing. When I made the first complain, the consultant told me that they will deduct it back in my August statement. Alright, I was fine with that. When I received my August statement, I found out that it was not deduct from my bill. Ok, I made a complain again and their consultant told me that they did not have enough time to make the adjustment. So that means, the adjustment will only be reflected in the September statement. Alright, alright, alright. When I checked on my September statement last night, the adjustment was not made. I called and complained this again last night, guess what the consultant told me this time. He told me that to his knowledge, the itemised billing fees will not be waived for the first month. I told him that I had 2 other supplementary line and the itemised billing fees were waived for these 2 numbers on the first month itself. Why are you telling me now that it's not waived for the first month? Why didn't your colleague tell me about this when I first made the complain? Isn't it ridiculous? And to my surprise, I was charged for RM10.32 on one of my supplementary line, which I had requested to terminate the line last month. When I told them about this, they said that the line is still active. What the heck...what is the purpose of me calling to terminate the line? I still remember that they even called me once few weeks ago asking whether I would like to reconnect the line and I'm very sure that I told them that I don't need the line anymore. The funniest part was, before I ended the conversation, this stupid consultant was asking me to give him a good rating when I receive an sms asking on their service. I had to tell him to look through all the history calls that I made and even go through all the recordings to find out what I had told his colleagues. He promised to investigate the case and return the call to me today but till now, I still haven't received any call from them. Do you think I'll still give them a very good rating? I have to think twice.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Sidney!


Do these photos look familiar to you? Do you feel that you had seen these photos before? idea where you had seen it before? Hahaha...try to look back at your own photo album. Don't the photos look like those that your parents took for you when you were small? Your parents had a party to celebrate your one-year-old birthday and invited friends and relatives over but you had no idea at all what was going on. The friends brought along their children and you were "forced" to take photos with your childhood friends or also better known as "strangers" after you've grown up. Look at the way we took the photos, it's exactly like the way our parents took the photos when we were young. Isn't it funny? The way we took the photos were exactly like the way our parents took the photos at least 2 decades back. Anyway, these photos were taken on my beloved niece, cid-cey-ceow's one-year-old birthday party on last Saturday. Invited quite a number of people, my brother and sister-in-law's friends, my mother's friends and also not to forget, my relatives.
This cheeky little monster has been very naughty on her birthday. The kids were playing at her toys and she was screaming and scolding people from the back. Oh gosh...I wonder how is my brother going to teach this little monster. She cried even before we punish her and sometimes she will show you her cute face by smiling cheekily to you hoping that you will forget to punish her.
Mum has been rushing my brother to go and register a place in either Ave Maria Convent or MGS, depending whether they want the daughter to be chinese or english educated. I thought this situation only happens in Klang Valley here as one of my colleague registered her son since he was one. Do we really need to be like the Hong Kong's education, where the parents have to queue up to get the registration form and equipped their children with all the skills just to impress the headmaster in future? As I told LKC the other day, in future, I'll put my children in the International school, provided that I have the money to pay for the fees larrr...well, at least, I'll not face the problem of worrying my children can't get into the school that I want. Hahaha...I'm thinking too much now.

Saturday, September 16, 2006



Writting blogs and reading someone's blogs have been one of my hobby lately. I enjoy reading blogs especially my friends' blogs. Once in a while, I will browse through my friends' friends' blogs and while I was browsing Mich's blog just now, I came across her brother's blog. Her brother had left us for good on last Tuesday and while I was reading his blog, I actually miss this guy, though, in actual fact, I wasn't close with him when he was still alive. The memories that I had weren't much. The meetings that I had with him weren't much too. Somehow, I really feel sorry and sad after receiving the news. I wonder how will I feel if someone who is very very close to me, like mum, dad, bro, sis, lkc, etc...leave me one day? I attended Vince's memorial service on Thursday night. Saw Mich and her parents. To my surprise, they were very strong in holding back their tears. I was trying to hold back the tears when one of Mich's cousin, Juliana, if I'm not mistaken, suddenly busted into tears while she was giving the speech. Mich showed to me that she's a very tough and strong girl. Instead of someone consoling her for her brother's leaving, she consoled Juliana and some other people who attended the service. She looked strong physically and I do hope that she's mentally strong too. I can never know and don't really wish to know how does it feel for losing someone who is very close to you. But I do know that, supports from relatives and friends are extremely important. So Mich, if so happen that you read this, we just want you to know that you'll always have us by your side. If there's anything you need or you're just too bored, do remember to give us a call for a night out or just for a drink.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy birthday to my dearest girl, Ms Chan Mei Yin and also Happy Belated Birthday (11th Sept) to my ex-part-time bf, Mr Soo. Really glad to have you guys being part of my teenage life. Life moves on, though we're separated from each other now, you guys will always stay in my heart and will always be there for you when you need me. Cheers and enjoy yourself on this special day. May god bless you and be happy/sweet/pretty/ handsome/ rich (whatever you want) always. Happy birthday!

Rest in Peace, Vincent.
Mich, be strong.
You'll always have us by your side.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

It has been a while since the last time I went for a movie. Went to catch "Snake on a Plane" at GSC, 1-Utama with Fei Pin, Cheng Ghee, Chye Cheey and Alvin. Still remember the last movie that I watched was either Superman Returns or the Chinese horror movie, Recycle. So what does this Snake on a Plane about? You can guess it correctly from the title of the movie. Obviously it's talking about snakes and a plane. I'm not going to tell you the movie as I'm very bad in telling stories. Go and watch it yourself. It's an interesting and yet "horrible" movie.
What's with life lately? Nothing much...not busy in works as I had left the hell project and back to office for good. Though it's quite boring to stay in the office but it is still better than going to Shah Alam and looking at somebody whom I hate the most. Been trying on something new but I've no idea at all on what I have been reading since this morning. That's why I'm writing this post right now. Nothing much special things happened lately. Celebrity Fitness has been my "lepak" place lately. Go there for almost 4 times a week but never seem to see any results. The worst part is, I've been gaining weight. The aunty's body figure is getting more and more transparent each time I look at the mirror. Sigh...why is that so?
Will be going back to Ipoh this weekend for my beloved niece aka cid-cey-ceow's birthday. Time flies...she's officially 1-year-old on the 17th Sept. Still remember the time when she was just borned. Skinny and yellowish. That was all that I could described. But look at her now...she's very chubby and been very cheeky. Learning to walk and talk now. Ooohh...miss her so much. Can't wait to see her this Friday.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Look at my "daugther"'s so sweet to see that she has grown up and started her Standard One now. Still remember, in March 2006, I started paying to this charity fund named World Vision and adopted a girl from China. Look at the differences she had in just a short period of 5 months. From the photo that I received when I first adopted her, she was very thin and petite. Look at her now...she has became very chubby already. I feel really glad to see that because with just a little bit of contribution from me, she is having a healthy lifestyle and started her studies already. So relieved. I'm feeling very relieved now as the money that I donated really can help a little girl in China.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to Popo! Happy birthday to

you! Hope to see you soon!

p/s: I think I'm gonna post alot of birthday wishes this month. It's a "peak" season. So many people were borned in the month of September.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Birthday!


It's my dearest LKC's birthday today. Happy birthday, LKC! Earn more money ok? you.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

New blog


I'm gonna start a new blog, which will be talking about but food. I'll probably blog about the places that I think can be recommended to everyone to give it a try or even comment on the places that I found better to avoid than wasting money and time going there. In the mean time, I need to collect some information first before publicize the blog. Once I'm ready to publicize the blog, I'll reveal the address so that you guys can give some support. Any idea on what title should I use? Comments and suggestions are very welcome. You can even suggest to me the makan places so that I can give it a try. I'll try my best to find the best makan places in Klang Valley and Ipoh. For other states...will try also lar, but no promise...hehehe.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

My fitness classes


I've been very hardworking going to Celebrity Fitness for the past one week. Went there on last Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and as well as today. Been enjoying myself very much especially on the dance classes like the Latin Mix class and Hip Hop class, as well as the group exercise classes like the Body Combat and RPM (cycling class). Latin Mix class is fun, it could be because of the funny instructor or it could be because of the steps. The steps are easy to follow and I can sweat alot even when I don't need to jump up and down. Hip Hop class is abit more difficult to follow as the steps are fast and I can't dance as cool as the instructor. Maybe because I'm getting old, Hip Hop is more for the youngster and old lady like me will probably enjoy Latin than Hip Hop. Anyway, both the classes are very interesting and can really make you sweat alot. The Body Combat is really cool too. You'll be able to "fight" if someone attacks you as it is something like martial art which includes karate. I only managed to attend for half an hour of the class as my stamina is too weak. Felt like suffocated after "fighting" for half and hour. Better stop before I faint in front of so many people. Went to the RPM class today. It's a very tiring class, though it sounded easy as it only involves cycling. In fact, it's very difficult as the way you cycle is something like you're going up the hill and coming down from the hill.
LKC and I had a Rapid Result Training (Personal Training) session on Thursday with a professional trainer. She taught us the actual way to use few of the fitness machines so that we will not hurt ourselves in future. I don't know it's their marketing tactic or maybe it's the truth. I was asked to push a machine which is 20kg, while LKC needed to push 40kg. Hey come on, it was just our first day. Of course we will find it very difficult to push it as we do not have the strength built-in our body. LKC and I were almost dying even from the beginning. After the session, the trainer asked us a question "Do you think you manage to do it all by yourself without personal training sessions in the future?". What the heck...sure no-lah. That's where another issue pop-up. She suggested us to take a course, which consists of 24 personal training sessions, which we can split between LKC and I. Guess how much does it cost? RM200? RM500? RM 1000? Nope... it costs RM 3000 and she's even giving us an offer that is she will personally give us another 6 sessions, which added up to 30 sessions for RM3000. RM100 per session just for an hour. Isn't it too expensive? Isn't it very expensive? This is crazy. Anyway, LKC and I did not fall into this trap as both of us are not rushing to see the result. So, why spend such an unnecessary money? Let see what can I get from RM3000...
  • at least 2 Coach's handbags
  • trip to Korea/ Australia for 1 person
  • a slimming session from the well-known slimming centres
  • down-payment for a Proton car
  • a very high-tech PDA phone...don't know what brand and model-lah...too hi-tech already, can't follow the trend already
  • 100 pieces of clothes...if each costs RM30 per piece...wahh...I can wear new clothes everyday for at least 3 months
  • 50 pairs of heels...if each costs RM60 per pair...wahh...happy...hehehe
  • can go for minor plastic surgery

Hahaha...I know I "ki-siao" already. They're really very crazy. I can't even earn RM3000 a month. How do I afford to buy the sessions? Sot-sot dei one. Mimi (the trainer), wait for me. One day I'll buy the sessions from you, ok? Wait for me...this day might arrive...just wait patiently...kakaka