Monday, July 31, 2006

側田 One Good Show 演唱會 (2CD)


If you like 側田, Justin, I'm sure you'll love this album as well. It's a collection of songs from his concert which was held in Hong Kong Coliseum on the 26th March 2006. In this concert, he did not only sing the songs from 1st and 2nd album, he also performed other songs from Leo Ku, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai. Not only that he also performed some English songs like I believe I can fly. The guests of honour for this concert were Miriam 楊千嬅 and 林海峰 . Both of them duet a song each with 側田.
Disc 1
01. 命硬
02. 不可一世
03. 傷追人
04. 走音
05. 我有今日
06. Volar
07. 二等天使
08. 情永落
09. Lately
10. I Believe I Can Fly
11. You Are So Beautiful
12. 月半灣
Disc 2
01. Erica
02. Loving You
03. 你的名字我的姓氏
04. 有過去的女人 - 楊千嬅+側田
05. 美麗之最
06. 大雄
07. 逢星期四
08. 流行曲 - 側田+林海峰
09. 運
10. 我不是好人
11. 決戰二世祖
12. Kong
13. 好人

Korean BBQ


Went to a Korean BBQ restaurant for lunch at Taipan, USJ on last Saturday. Too bad I forgot to take photos on this delicious lunch...maybe I was too busy eating and eating. We ordered beef and pork for the barbeque and also a kimchi soup served with rice. Before the main course was served, they served us with at least 8 side dishes which included the famous kimchi, mashed potato, some vegetables, sausages, steam egg and many many more. LKC and I were so "kampung", we didn't know how to eat the barbequed meat. Luckily there was a waiter serving us all the time. He barbequed the meat for us, not just showing us on how to cook it. He actually cooked all the meat for us. First time we received such a treatment because we went to the Bar-B-Q Plaza in 1-Utama before, they just showed us on how to cook it only. Not only this restaurant, the rest of the restaurants will actually show you on how to cook it only and leave everything else for you to d-i-y. That's why I think it's the only time I felt worthy paying the 10% service charge. You guys must go and give it a try. Though it's a bit expensive, but it's really worth paying the money if you receive good service and good food. The restaurant is located at Taipan, USJ. It's located at the new building nearby Mc'D and it's directly behind the True Fitness building.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Skin Food


Lately I've been very addicted to this Korean beauty products named Skin Food. Since I've got a little bit of bonus this month, I've rewarded myself with a new set of facial products from this Skin Food. Currently I'm using Biotherm and have been using this brand for more than a year. The range of products that I'm using right now is called Acnopur which is meant for acne-prone skin. This product is good, it actually improved my acne problem but it does not give me the result that I wish for. I've been very bored using this product for such a long period. Since my facial wash and moisturiser are going to finish, I've decided to try something new. I've tried the Cucumber Soothing Mask from Skin Food and found that the product is actually not bad. It does not only cleanse the dirt on my face, it gives moisture and hydration back to my face as well. I love this Cucumber Soothing Mask very much and it isn't expensive at all. It only costs less than RM40 and can be used for many many times. Last night, I've tested the Watermelon Mask Sheet and the result was very good too. This is abit costly, it costs RM8.60 per sheet and cannot be re-used.

The beauty products that I've bought this time are Tea Tree Washable Cleasing Gel, Sea Vegetable Toner, Tea Tree Essensce, Sea Vegetable Emulsion and Snow Tea Mask Sheet. It only costed me RM160 for 5 products, isn't it a good deal? But the result...not sure. Will need to try on it first. Wish me luck...ok?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Weekend


I've changed my blogskin again. Just too free...nothing to do right now as I'm on MC today. My notebook is just next to my bed, without having to get my butt off the bed, I'm still able to do so many things within my arms' length. The weather is so nice today, cloudy sky which makes you have a sleepy mood and it's so cooling right now. Luckily it's already Friday today, I can predict everyone is putting a smile on their face and have a very relaxing mood now. Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy the weekend as it will only come after you suffered for 5 days of work.
How's my new blogskin? Nice? Too flowery? I think so...hmm...anyway, I'll try to get a nicer blogskin when I have time. By the way, I've added a music feature on my blog so that you can listen to the song while reading my blog...see, I'm so kind. Hehehe, anyway...signing off. Happy weekend!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Love this...


A man wanted to buy his son a parrot as a birthday present. The next day he went to the pet shop and saw three identical parrots in a cage. He asked the clerk, "how much for the parrot on the right?

The owner said it was $250. "$250", the man said. "Well what does he do? "He knows how to use all of the functions of Microsoft Office 2000, responds the clerk. "He can do all of your spreadsheets and type all of your letters."

The man then asked what the second parrot cost. The clerk replied, $500, but he not only knows Office 2000, but is an expert computer programmer.

Finally, the man inquired about the cost of the last parrot. The clerk replied, "$1,000." Curious as to how a bird can cost $1,000, the man asked what this bird's specialty was. The clerk replies, "Well to be honest I haven't seen him do anything. But the other two call him "Project Manager" !!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Hungry Ghost Month


Can you imagine how free I am lately? I changed my blog skin during working hours. Complained to Fei Pin most of the time how bored I was all the time. Well, there's nothing much of work for me to do this week as it's a training week for the project that I'm working on now. I just have to be there to stand by, in case the system is down or something, I will have to troubleshoot it.
Today is the Chor 1 of the month of July in Lunar calendar. That means it's the hungry ghost month. Seems like this month is not a holy month. It's just the 1st day of the month and things seem to be not running smoothly.
Early this morning while I was still driving to Shah Alam, I received a call from my senior saying that he's on MC. I was fine with that as whether he was there or not, I still had to conduct the training. It didn't make any difference anyway. Once I reached at the customer's place, tried to log in to the system to do some daily checks. a message pop-up saying "xxx...system timed out". Huh...problem signing in? First thing came in to my mind, please don't do this to me. All the users need to use the system today. Don't fool me please. Quickly get the server room key from the secretary and found out that the server had been shut down. What the heck...who shut down the server? Without wasting my time, quickly started up the server. Tried to start SAP, holy shit...why the status is in yellow colour and not green colour?? Aiyoyo, kept on refreshing the system. Still yellow colour...stopped the database. Restarted the server...started the SAP again, still yellow colour. Kept on refreshing the system. My colleagues were all looking for me already. They couldn't login to the system. I quickly called up another senior of mine, requested him to come over as I was afraid that the system crashed because someone shut down the server without following the proper procedure. Still trying very hard to refresh the system...pop...suddenly all the messages came out and the status had turned to green. Wheeww...lucky, all the users could proceed with the training.
I had to conduct a training on the morning session, waited for all the users to be seated....waited...waited...waited for at least 30 minutes only I could start the training. Blah...blah...blah...any questions? No? That's all. Thank you.
I had nothing to do after the training. The time was only 10.30am. Sigh...acting here and there. Pretending to be very hardworking. I wasn't feeling very well, my whole body is aching and my throat is very uneasy also. But no choice, I still had to be there. Around 11.00a.m, received a call from my tour agent. She informed me that my Korea has been cancelled. (Refer to my previous post). Aiyo, where got so bad luck one. All the bad things happened in one day. Ok fine, I still had to continue my acting. Later in the afternoon, an SAP consultant called from India asking me to confirm something with him. So I went to check with my @sshole PM and found out that the session which was scheduled to be performed on next Monday had been rescheduled to 17th - 18th August. Harrr....what does it mean? means that the system was supposed to Go-Live on the 18th August had been postponed. Postponed to when? No idea...until further notice. This also means that I have to stay in the project for a longer period, which I really don't wish to happen. Sigh...
At around 8.30pm just now, received an SMS from Chun Nee saying that Fei Pin's grandmother has passed away. See...I've already said, all the bad things can happen in a day. "Bad things come in a bundle".
At around 9.30pm, received a call from my senior again. He told me that he has 2 days of MC...meaning that he won't be going to work also tomorrow. Sigh, I thought it's my turn to take MC tomorrow as my body is quite warm now, guess my dear friend, fever is back to find me again. But sigh...I can't take MC tomorrow, I'll have another session of training to be conducted tomorrow and the vendor will be coming over to fix the tape drive which has been delayed for more than 2 months and now they're finally here. No choice, I just have to go to work tomorrow. Sigh...
Hopefully I will not receive anymore "sui" news. I've had enough for today. I can't accept anymore.



Oh my God, my Korean trip has been cancelled. The reason is because the tour agent did not manage to get enough people to start up a group. Sigh...she gave me three options:-
- postpone the trip to another date
- change to another trip, or
- refund
Which option should I choose? I really wish to go to Korea. I wanted to postpone to another date, but the problem is if we were to postpone it to another date, when should we go? LKC and I already applied for leave and it had already been approved. We will not know when it's the available date for us to apply the leave. The lady told me that it's better to go in October since it's going to be autumn in October. The scenery will be alot more nicer. Sigh, my works are mostly on project basis and sometimes ad hoc basis, it's really difficult for me to plan for my holidays. What if there is a new project I need to work on in October? How do I apply for leave? What if the price of the trip is higher than the one that we have paid for? Sigh...I hate to make decisions.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Never ending...


Never ending meetings...

Never ending jobs...

Never ending nagging...

Never ending questions...

Never ending doubts...

Never ending boredom...

Never ending stress...

Never ending politics...

Never ending criticism...

Never ending complains...

Never ending ending...

Sigh, why life has to be so complicated? Can't we just have a simple and easy life? Why do we have competition where there is only one champion? Life has been very very very bored lately...I have been very tired today after a work-out at the Celebrities Fitness yesterday. How will you feel when you're already so tired, and someone is telling you that you have to conduct a training for 2 hours (initially 30 minutes) and you will have to talk about the same thing for 3 sessions and someone you hate so much is walking around you non-stop? S-I-E-Nsssss...that's how I'm gonna describe it.
When will 15th Aug be arrived? Though it's less than a month from today, but I still feel that it is way to far. Looking at the aunty colleagues sitting in front of me, they are having the same kind of look, which is a BORING look. Everyone is very fed-up with this project already. Everyone wishes to get out from this project. Everyone is wishing for a holiday. Everyone is longing for 18th Aug to be arrived (system will go-live on 18th Aug). 3 months seems to be short when you're just talking about it, but 3 months seems to be long when you have to look or think about the same thing throughout the 90 days.

Monday, July 17, 2006

boring blog


Currently listening: Kang Ta & Vanness - Scandal

Monday blues...the best phrase to describe my mood right now. Been very blur since I woke up. Whatever things that people talked to me since this morning, will only process in my mind for less than 2 seconds and it will be gone. Sometimes I couldn't even process what they're talking, just looking blank at them, as if I'm listening what they are talking about, but in fact my mind was still in hibernating mode.
Went back to Ipoh on last weekend. Didn't do anything special. Wanted to go to Flame! Steamboat for dinner on Saturday night, but the place was too packed. We had to wait for around 1 hour for a table. Never thought Ipoh people can be so generous. I don't know whether Flame! Steamboat is charging high or not, but I guess it shouldn't be very cheap as it's opened by one of the Hong Kong actor, Cheang Hou Nam. They have branches at Jln Imbi (but I think closed down already, since I don't see the address in the name card anymore) and Penang. Any restaurants operated by the Hong Kong celebrities can't run away from the price. Like the restaurant opened by Eric Tsang in Sri Hartamas isn't cheap also. Anyway, LKC and I didn't manage to have our dinner there. We ended up having our dinner at Koh Samui Restaurant which is quite famous in Ipoh for its Thai food. I hadn't been to this restaurant for more than 16 years I think. Still remember the last time I went to this restaurant was during my farewell with my grandfather before he left to China in year 1990. At that time, this Koh Samui Restaurant was located at somewhere else and now they have shifted to a shoplot at the Cowan Street.