Sunday, December 04, 2005

My weekend

This is my first weekend that I stayed at home and did not go anywhere except to Tesco to get my grocery done with my sis. Why I am so good staying at home for the whole weekend? That's because previously it was either my dearest LKC came to KL to pay me a visit or I went back to Ipoh for my weekend holiday. But not for this weekend. Sighh...why? My dearest LKC has gone to another country for training and I did not go back to Ipoh cause I just went back for my aunt's funeral on last Monday. No money to go back so often. What had I done on Sat and Sun?


  • woke up at 9am, lazed on the bed and watch the TVB drama "Life Made Simple" until 10-11am
  • chatted with Faye and Adeline for a while
  • sent a SMS to my dearest LKC to welcome his arrival in LA at 12.05pm, but no replies from him
  • showered and sis called to ask me to go to Tesco with her after work
  • waited for sis to come and pick me up, ended up waited for 2 hours.
  • watched TV and boiled a cup of mee-in-a-cup, and that was my lunch
  • came back from Tesco, cleaned the fish that we had just bought, prepared for dinner
  • cooked fried fish and fried beansprout for dinner
  • watched TV and TV and TV
  • sent another SMS to my dearest LKC to welcome him to Chicago at 7.54pm, but yet no replies from him
  • watched TV and TV and TV again
  • sent another SMS to my dearest LKC again to welcome him to Boston at 11.12pm again, but still no replies from him
  • waited for him to call while watching TV
  • started to get worries as he was supposed to reach Boston at 11.12pm, and it was already 1 something and yet no calls from him
  • showered and waited for his calls
  • online to check the flight schedule in USA, but didn't understand at all
  • worried, worried and worried...couldn't sleep
  • watched "Life Made Simple" and finally he called at 2.33am
  • sigh of relieved and went to sleep right after the call


  • Got up at 9am and wished that dearest LKC online...and yes, he did.
  • had a conversation with him through MSN until 9.40am. He was sleepy, so I let him sleep
  • watched TV, brushed my teeth and lied on the sofa and ate the junk food
  • cooked spaghetti for lunch
  • watched TV and dearest LKC woke up, chatted with him for another half an hour I guess
  • watched TV and sis prepared to go out with friends
  • took my afternoon nap and woke up at 6pm
  • watched TV and online
  • sitting here writing this blog

Guess I won't be doing much after this, just watch TV, cook dinner, online, talk with dearest LKC and sleep. I'll call it a day after talking with my LKC I guess.