Friday, December 09, 2005

Finally I found myself is not useless anymore...well, not to say useless ler, just that sometimes I find myself cannot help much. But not for yesterday and today. Yesterday I was in the F&N alone with PM, while Augustin and Shu went to Maybank for meeting. I was asked by the PM to apply SNote in the DEV server. I replied with confidently that I could apply it as Augustin just taught me few days ago. Errmmm...mana many problems aroused when I tried to apply the SNote. Did this, did that, called Tarmizee, asked Mei Ken. Oh gosh...and finally, the PM asked me to send a message to the SAP. Just followed what he had instructed. Prayed for Augustin and Shu to come back to F&N asap. Sometimes not that I don't want to be independent, it's just that I do not have the confident to do it on myself. Thank God, Augustin and Shu came back at around 3pm. Explained the whole situation to Augustin and waited for SAP to reply. SAP replied, opened the OSS connection for them...but they couldn't connect! Oh God, so many problems. Tried this and that again. Didn't know they could actually connect to the server or not, but I didn't care.

I left F&N at around 6:15pm. Mummy is here in KL, so got to rush back to see her and bring her out for dinner. I've grown up to be an adult now...finally...hehehe...brought mummy to eat the porridge steamboat at Subang and paid for the dinner. Well....I'm a working adult already marrr...once in a while, need to treat them one...hahaha.

Back to work today, received reply from SAP, asked us proceed with the implementation of the SNote. Implemented in the DEV and transported it to the QAS. Yes....I did it. So happy, finally found out myself to be useful here....hehehe...