Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pavilion, KL


Today is my last day of my long break, gonna go back to the office tomorrow for my last day in my current company and Thursday will be the beginning of a new chapter of life. To utilize my last day, I brainwashed LKC to take medical leave today so that he can accompany me. As mentioned in my last post, he will be leaving to France this Saturday. I'm gonna miss him so much.

Sunway Pyramid, 1-Utama and Mid-valley will definitely be out of the list as LKC was afraid that he might meet his colleagues there. So, we chose to go to Pavilion, KL as it's far from Shah Alam, the place where LKC goes to work. It's another leisure shopping place, as described by LKC. To me, it's more like a window shopping place, where I can only look from the outside of the shops. All the designers' brands like Burberry, Coach (not opened yet), Versace, Juicy Couture, etc are located at the ground floor.

Went in to the Juicy Couture shop to check out what is so nice in there. Never expected this brand to be soooooo expensive. This piece of tracksuit costs RM760. Okay...lets get out of the shop asap.
There is nothing much to do there except for window shopping. They have the normal brands there as well like Padini, Nose, Giordano, Forever 21, MNG and Zara. But what's the point to shop at there where I can get these from 1-Utama itself. The parking rate is super expensive. RM3 for the first hour and RM1 for subsequent 1/2 hour or RM3 for subsequent 1 hour. We managed to walk the whole shopping mall in less than an hour, even did some cam-whoring here and there.

Cam-whoring while waiting for LKC to check out the sign board

Was craving for donuts since last night. Wanted to buy the Big Apple Donut at The Curve yesterday but was too full after dinner at Sakae Sushi. Stopped by at the JCo Donuts to buy 1/2 a dozen of donuts. Bought two glazzy donuts, one tiramisu, one JCrown Oreo, one JCo Choco and another Alcapone.

My donuts

Glazzy donuts...the best of all

p/s: No photograph is actually allowed in JCo Donuts there.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back from Taiwan


Hello all, I'm back from my 7 days 6 nights trip to Taiwan. It has been a very tiring trip afterall. Everyday I had to get up early at around 6am. The worst is I had to get up at 4.30am this morning to catch my flight at 8.20am when I only got the chance to sleep at only 2am. Though it wasn't a long trip, I had used almost 3GB of memory to take photos and videos of this trip. Will talk more about this trip after I transfer the photos to my PC and have the time to sit down and blog about it.
Right after one week of my Taiwan trip, LKC will be flying to France and Austria on this coming Saturday for training for 6 weeks. Sigh, why I never got this chance to go overseas for training? Why he always got the chance to travel overseas, not to Asia but to other continents? Remember he went to US for 3 weeks back in December 2005? Anyway, what should I be expecting from him? A branded handbag? LV perhaps? Or Burberry? Or anything better that is more memorable?
I'm gonna start my new job on this coming Thursday. Hopefully it's gonna be a good start for this new chapter of life. Will blog about my Taiwan trip in the coming posts.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogging from Taiwan


Hello all...I'm at Taiwan now. It's the third day of my seven days trip here.I'm now at Hoya Hotspring Hotel. Just experienced hotspring here, which was very nice. Feel so relax now. Went to quite a number of places but I'm not sure where I have been. Everything is in Chinese...you know lar...how good my Chinese is. Well, to be honest, Taiwan is not as nice as I was expecting. Maybe I have expected too much. Lets hope for more interesting places to go in the days to come. Will be going to Kaoshiong tomorrow and require to travel for more than 3 hours. Sigh...I spent more time in the bus than visiting.
Anyway, signing off now. Will upload the photos when I'm back to Malaysia. Morning call at 6am tomorrow. Good night everyone!
p/s: I'm actually waiting for my LKC to online. Damn it...he's yum char'ing with friends now. Kanasia LKC, got feathers got wings liao, know how to fly liao.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Magic Moments 2007


Leo Ku has always been one of my favourite Chinese male singer. It's his 3rd concert in Malaysia this time (I think). The first one was in Sept 2005 at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. The second one was with Miriam Yeung at Stadium Bukit Jalil in Feb 2006. Been to both the concerts (sorry didn't blog about the first concert, didn't have blog that time) and refer to here for the 2nd concert.

Here are The Magic Moments 2007 concert details:-

Date: 23 December 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Check out the tickets price here and the seating plan here.

Anyone interested?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sad story


I am IM-ing (instant messaging) with our Datin Lala now. She just told me that her sister-in-law (in China) has passed away after giving birth. I'm not sure what really happened when she was giving birth. But according to Lala, she said she could be saved, but the hospital made a mistake. So one life is gone for the mistake that the hospital made. Thank God the baby is safe. This remind me of the baby Y0k San who lost her arm due to a mistake made by a houseman at a hospital.

Lala was telling us about her sister-in-law few months back when she came to Malaysia during the Chinese New Year. Her brother just married her sister-in-law last year, if I'm not mistaken. The marriage is gone in just less than 2 years because of the mistake the hospital has made. Sigh, life is so short.

I don't know how to write emotional blog. But I feel really sad to hear this though I don't exactly know who she is. I always afraid to give birth because of the pain and also the surgery part that I heard from many sources. When I thought of it, I could feel the pain already even though I have never given any births before. It just scares me when I think about it. After this incident, I think I will have to think twice whether to give birth or not. Sorry LKC. I allow you to "plant your seed" on other women but of course through the medical way. I love babies but I'm just too scare to give birth.

Anyway, my deepest condolences to Lala and her family.

Photos taken with my new gadget


Mac N Cheese

Mac N Cheese (close-up)

Fish N Chips

BBQ Roast Chicken

Cookies N Cream

So how's the quality of the photos? Nice? All the photos were taken with the Food mode under the Best Shot of Casio Exilim EX-Z77. I'm getting more and more interested in photography.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unlucky No.5


Another unlucky event happened to me today. For the past few months, I've been having some hard time in getting a pair of heels that I really like and looks nice on my feet. The last pair of heels that I bought was last month, but I hardly wear as it's not so comfortable. My last pair of heels that I like the most and the most comfortable one is showing some "time-to-get-a-new-pair-of-heels" sign.

Sigh, why so bad one. I'm really broke this month (well, not only this month. Every month, in fact). I've just spent RM150 to get a new hair clipper yesterday and now need to spend money in getting a new pair of heels. I need to save money to shop in Taiwan!!! God, please help me. Please kick the bad-luck God away from me. Don't let him come back to me in the near future. I really need your help. I promise to be a good girl (I'm always a good girl, anyway.). Please stay away from me. Plssssssssss......

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A very "sui" month


Sigh, it's just the beginning of the month and 4 unlucky things have already happened to me. How long is this bad luck going to last? It is like it happens almost every 2 days. Bad luck, bad luck....please go away.

Unlucky No. 1
My last 3 days of annual leave that were supposed to be cleared in next week got rejected on last Wednesday. Very thanks to the so-called team leader who did not approve my leave because they could not find someone who can replace my place, eventhough I have served 3 months of notice. My 3 days of annual leave have now been en-cashed. If I were to know it earlier that they're going to en-cash my annual leave, I'd not clear off so many days. Sigh...few hundreds gone.

Unlucky No.2
I met with a minor accident on last Friday. It blogged about it but decided to remove the post as advised by LKC. That was because the whole post was talking about the stupid M@|@y who rammed in to my car. I did not ask for any compensation although my car's bumper has some scratches on it. Sigh...again.

Unlucky No.3
I have finally made up my mind to get the Casio Exilim Z-77 and was checking out the price in Mid Valley. I thought I was lucky to get a very good deal when I was checking out the price in the last camera shop that I went in Mid Valley. I didn't get any deal that was better than the one offered by one of the shop in 1-Utama. I planned to leave the shop after asking the price and so lucky that LKC bargained with them and they offered me a better deal. So I accepted the offer and bought my camera there.
Didn't manage to test on the camera on Saturday as the battery needed to be charged for 8 hours before using it and was attending the BBQ session at Alvin's place in Klang. On Sunday, I was playing and testing on some of the mode that the camera has, suddenly I noticed that the video recording of the camera could only lasted for 4 seconds. Tried again...it stopped automatically every 4 seconds. What the heck!! Was checking on the settings...couldn't find any settings that is related to 4 seconds. Checked on the manual, no guide on how to set the recording video.
Arghh...called to Fotokem in Mid Valley (where I bought the camera) and informed them about it. Asked me to bring the camera back to them and let them check. Brought the camera back to Mid Valley yesterday and after checking by the staff there, they decided to replace me a new set. According to them, it was because of the software problem. They need to send it back to the manufacturer to fix it. But still consider lucky, as they replaced a new set for me instead of asking me to wait for the warranty.

Unlucky No.4
Every morning, before going to work, I will straighten my hair with the hair clipper that I bought few months back in Sungai Wang. Same goes for this morning. After showering, I tried to turn on the hair clipper for it to heat up. There is a light indicator indicating the temperature that can be set. Aiks...why no light at all. Thought I didn't turn on the switch. Checked on the switch...aiks, it was on. So, thought the switch is faulty. Tried to change to another switch. Still no light. Huh...what happened? Sigh...so I took out the-very-bulky hair clipper that I used to use and turned it on. Luckily this one is working.
When LKC came out from shower, I told him that my hair clipper is spoilt, then he said maybe the fuse in the plug has spoilt already, need to check. So I was praying very hard hoping that the fuse was really spoilt because getting the fuse change is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much cheaper than getting a new hair clipper. So LKC changed the fuse for me and tried to turn on the hair clipper. Sigh, still no light. My hair clipper is certified "dead". Need to get a new one again, which will cause me more than hundred bucks. Double sigh....

Bad luck, bad luck...please stay away from me. In another two weeks, I'll be going to Taiwan. I don't wish to be so bad luck anymore. I don't wish something bad happens to me. Please stay away from me....please....please...please.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The week that was ... a glutton week


Monday (01/10/2007)
The gang @ Shogun

The birthday boy with his "birthday cake"

Venue: Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant, 1-Utama Shopping Centre
Attendees: Cheng Ghee, Yee How, Fei Pin, Chun Nee, Datin Lala (wahahaha), Ah Moon, Alvin, Chye Cheey, Foosy and myself
Purpose: Celebrate Mr. Cheng Ghee's 24th birthday
Price: RM52 ++ per pax (5% government tax, 10% service charge)
Notes: It was my 3rd visit to Shogun this time and I have never satisfied with the quality of the food there. Anyway, it was a great outing after not meeting them for more than 2 months. Had a great chit-chatting moment and had a non-stop laughing session with the gang.

Tuesday (02/10/2007)
The gang @ Pantai Seafood Restaurant

Venue: Pantai Seafood Restaurant
Attendees: Faye, Juvin, Popo, Manfred, Jaze, Damien, Jerry, LKC and myself
Price: RM300++
Notes: Second visit to this Pantai Seafood Restaurant. The seafood there is very fresh (see the aquariums behind, all the fishes are still alive). We ordered a crispy pork trotters, kai lan fried with kai lan, fresh tiger prawn, claypot seafood beancurd, dry chilli sotong (I think), steam "bak soo gong" fish and soya bean with glutinous rice ball as dessert. After the dinner, we headed to Yippie Cup at SS2 for a yum char session.

Thursday (04/10/2007)

Venue: Shilla Korean Buffet Restaurant @ The Curve
Attendees: LKC and myself
Price: RM46 ++ per pax (5% government tax, 10% service charge)
Notes: I personally enjoy eating Korean meal especially the BBQ. Been trying quite a number of Korean restaurants in Taipan, SS2, Kota Damansara and Sri Hartamas. Why not give it a try at the Shilla Korean Buffet Restaurant, where you can eat all you can.
At first, we were supposed to be having dinner at The Apartment @ The Curve but the menu didn't seem to be attractive. We had "forcefully" ordered our meal at The Apartment, but thank God, the waiter told us that we will have to wait for 40 minutes for our meal to be served. We took the opportunity to cancel the order and leave the place without embarrassing ourselves. We headed to Shilla Korean Buffet Restaurant located at the 1st Floor (behind Vivo Pizza).
This place is actually worth giving a try and it's worth to return there if you feel like having Korean meal cum buffet. They have quite a variety of food served there like sushi + sashimi (don't understand why Japanese food are served in a Korean restaurant), different types of kim chi, BBQ (only beef and chicken are available), Korean dishes, oysters (fresh and cheese-baked), mussels (fresh and cheese-baked) and etc. As for the dessert, they serve different type of "tong-sui", cut fruits, cakes, ice-cream and chocolate fondue.

Fresh oysters

Korean pancakes

BBQ - chicken and beef

Some cold dishes

Sushi counter

BBQ counter

Chocolate fondue

LKC enjoyed the dinner so much

Overview of the restaurant

My dessert

Friday (05/10/2007)

Venue: Pizza Uno, Centrepoint Bandar Utama
Attendees: LKC and myself
Price: RM21 (My Pizza), Alla Carbonara (RM18), Cappuccino (RM7), Ice Lemon Tea (RM4.50), Garlic bread (RM3)
Notes: We ordered garlic bread as a starter. 3 pieces of garlic bread were served in a basket and the garlic bread was quite good. As the name already suggested, it was very strong with garlic and it was crispy.

My half-bitten garlic bread

As for the main course, we ordered a pizza called "My Pizza". It's a pizza which you decide what toppings you would like in your pizza instead of the standard toppings. We asked for salami, pepperoni and smoked chicken for our toppings (yes, we like meat). The price of this pizza is slightly higher than the standard pizzas but what's the point ordering the standard pizzas if there is at least one topping that you won't like to eat.

My pizza topped with salami, pepperoni and smoked chicken

Tabasco sauce
We ordered another main course, which is Alla Carbonara spaghetti. It was very nice as well. The sauce was very creamy and was topped with pepperoni (our favourite, yummy...oh lala~~!!). The spaghetti was just cooked to perfection...neither too soft nor too hard.

Alla Carbonara

Cappuccino for LKC

Saturday (06/10/2007)
Venue: Alvin's place @ Klang
Attendees: Alvin, Chye Cheey, Cheng Ghee, Fei Pin, Ai Ling, Foosy + gf, Lee Leng, Ching Ting + bf, Yee How, Alex, Datin Lala, LKC and myself
Price: RM10 per pax
Purpose: Gathering
Notes: A little bit weird bbq session as we had our barbeque at the back of the house (back lane) instead of the front porch. According to Alvin (the house owner), it's easier as it's close to the kitchen and it won't dirty the house (new house). We had different types of chicken wings (black pepper, chilli and barbeque I think), meat balls, sausages watermelon, mash mellows and jelly. Was a great gathering as we got to meet some coursemates that we hardly met after graduation. After the bbq session, we played "na mi" and cards. Some guys were busy drinking with Alvin's brother's gang. While the guys were busy chit-chatting at Alvin's room.

Fei Pin and Ai Ling

We were busy barbequeing

The gang

Our unsuccessful testing

The houseowner (Alvin) + his gf (Chye Cheey)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007




Where got people so bad one!!

First time seeing people don't let people to clear the annual leave. No reason was given as to why he never approved. How can!!

Arrghh...as I've 3 more days of annual leave left after deducting my Taiwan holiday, I planned to clear it off during the Raya week.

This stupid so-called team leader never approve my leave. He was the one who sent out an email asking us to let him know our intention to take leave during the Raya period. So, without thinking much, I replied to him when and when I'll be on-leave. I have actually informed him about my Raya holiday. I just don't know why he never approved. He replied to me saying that most likely he won't approve the leave.

Of course I was very surprised. So I went and asked him (Gtalk with him actually). Then he told me that he can't accommodate me now, will let me know on the 11th Oct. Then I told him...no, it's too late. I've booked for a tour, I need to know now so that I'll have time to cancel of postpone it. Then I told him that at least approve me one day, on the 16th Oct. The other 2 days I can come back to work. This stupid bugger said ... "I think its a no , if you need an answer now". Then I told him to let me know on this Friday whether my leave is approved or not and mentioned to him that I really need to take leave on the 16th. Then he said, "If you try to force on me this one , I will get Hari (my boss) to deal with, and trust me he won't be easy on you . You choose." Then I said, "No, you're forcing me. I applied for 3 days, now I took a step back. I just need 1 day, the other 2 days I can come back to work." The golden phrase of the day "I'm not forcing you at all. Your leave needs to be approved".

He's using his so-called "power" not to approve my leave. I don't understand why he wants me to be back here during Raya. What can I do? All the handover have already been done. I have nothing to do already.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Digital camera...which to buy?


My latest "graving" will be none other than digital camera. I always wanted a very good camera so that I can capture every moment through the lens. And I also understand very well that good things do not come with cheap price. I'm not an expert photographer or whatsoever, I just want a good camera that can capture photos as clear as possible.

My digital camera, which is from Sony is starting to show some aging sign. And I always complaint that I do not have enough memory to take all the photos if I'm out for a trip and the battery does not last long enough to stay till the night. What to do, it's going to turn to 4 years old in this December and the memory stick was super expensive back then. 128MB of memory stick cost approx. RM150 if I'm not mistaken. It was more than RM1 per MB.

Since I'll be going to Taiwan for holiday and I'd like to capture every moment there, it's time for me to get a new baby. Sony is totally out of my list now as I feel that it's not so worth it paying so much when you can get something similar but with cheaper price from other brands. Another reason why I'm not planning to get Sony is because of the memory stick. Sony digital camera is using its own type of memory stick, which is in another word...costly!! As for other brand like Canon, Casio and Nikon, they are all using SD card which is more common and most important thing of all...cheap!!

I've been checking out Casio Exilim EX-Z77 and Nikon Coolpix S200.

Casio Exilim EX-Z77

  • 7.2 MP and 3x optical zoom
  • 11.4 MB of internal memory
  • 2.6 inch LCD screen
  • takes SD/ MMC card
  • YouTube capture mode
  • anti shake dsp
  • 10 faces detection
  • Price: RM870 (free 2GB of SD card, 3-in-1 Casio original larnyard, original leather casing)

Nikon Coolpix S200
  • 7.1 MP and 3X optical zoom
  • approx 20 MB internal memory
  • 2.5 inch LCD screen
  • takes SD memory card
  • face detection
  • Price: RM890 (free 1GB memory card and original casing)
So tell me...which one to buy? I personally think that Nikon camera is better than Casio camera. But Casio's package is more attractive and it's one of the newest model in the market. Arghh...so which one to choose? Can someone please suggest to me??!!