Thursday, April 26, 2007



Life is so great when you are having holiday on a weekday. You can choose to get up late, choose to do whatever you feel like doing at home, choose not to think about work, choose not to accept business calls and etc...HEAVEN!! I feel lucky today for being part of this MBB project, why? That's because I got a day off today due to the King's Installation and this off day is only for the government sector, schools and banks, not for the private sector. For other colleagues of mine who are either in the office or based in another project....well, sorry to say that they have to work today. Hehehe....HEAVEN again!!

Been addicted to Akon's songs lately, maybe have been listening to his songs in Celebrity too much. hip-hop, party jam and latin dance instructor...has been playing Akon's songs in the class too much until I fall in love with his songs. Smack That feat Eminem is one of my favourite right now. Maybe the rhythm is just nice to be played on the dance floor. I wanna love you feat Snoop Dogg and Don't Matter are my another favourites.

Ever since one of the Indonesian team member for the MBB project knew that I go to Celebrity for dancing classes, he actually asked me to dance for him whenever I asked something from him.

Me: Sigit....why like that?
Sigit: Dance first...then only I tell you.
Me: Upset!!

I got to admit that I'm not born to be a dancer. My dancing sucks, but I just enjoy dancing. Trying very hard to dance like a dancer now....but it is still a long way to go. Give me sometime until I have the confident to dance in front of everyone.

What's my plan today? Hmm...waiting for the furniture deliverer to deliver the furniture we bought last week right now. Bought a tv cabinet, a coffee table, arm chair and a bed...all paid by my beloved mummy. Love her so much. Talking about my mummy...sometimes I wonder whether mummy knows how see the clock or not. She knew that I don't need to work today and yet she called me at 8.30am this morning. I wanted to sleep until at least 10am. I'm fully awake after picking up her call. So here I am, writing this blog entry.

Will be going to 1-U later, got Latin Groove class at 5pm...never had a chance to attend 5pm class on weekdays. Was suppose to attend the hip-hop class at 7.10pm but going to meet friends at 7.30pm. Gonna celebrate Fpin, Lala, CC and myself birthday with the rest of gang.

Anyway, have a nice day!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

孫燕姿- 咕嘰咕嘰


Stefanie Sun Yan Zi - Ni Guang




Hopefully I still remember the meanings for each. There you go...

1.a: Paper cup - A playboy type of person.
1.b: Wooden cup - A practical type of person.
1.c: Crystal glass - A materialistic type of person.

2.a: Swallow sword - Your expect something that is impossible to happen.
2.b: Perform a ballet dance - You have a very high expectation, but yet it "might" be able to achieve.
2.c: Cycling - You are expecting something more reasonable.

3.a: A very rough beach - You are very "active" in sex.
3.b: A very calm beach - You will find sex a boring activity.
3.c: A very beautiful mermaid singing by the seaside - You don't find any excitement on bed. You need to have some imagination to satisfy yourself.

4. The number of candles that you expect to see means the number of partner/s that you want at the same time.