Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cheeky cid-cey-ceow


Monday, July 30, 2007



Yes...finally it is here. I've received the confirmation...confirmation of my new job. Went through 3 interviews, 1st was interviewed by the Basis Team Lead in Malaysia, 2nd was interviewed by the HR Manager and 3rd was interviewed by the Head of Basis from UK. They are offering me the job after all the hassle.

What's my new job and new company? I guess it should be more or less the same as to what I'm doing now as a SAP Basis Consultant. I'm no longer an Associate Consultant (aka Junior Consultant)...hehehe. The office is located at Tower 2, Petronas Twin Tower. Don't know much about the company. All I know is two of my seniors that I'm comfortable working with are there and Kate is working there too. I'll be reporting to work on 5th November.

Will go and accept the offer letter on this Thursday and going to tender my resignation letter on this Friday. It's my first time tendering resignation letter, feel a bit weird...don't know what to do and how to do. Sigh...3 months of notice...such a long period. Don't know what will happen after the resignation...I just can't imagine.

Friday, July 27, 2007



I'm still waiting for something...something that I have been waited for almost a month. Something that I have made up my mind to go for it. I felt miserable at first, but after last Wednesday, I've made my decision. Can't share this out yet as it's not confirmed. Will blog about it once I got the confirmation. Can't wait...hope to get the confirmation by next week. Waiting...waiting...and still waiting.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Desperate Housewives


Ya...ya...I know I'm a little bit out talking about Desperate Housewives now. They're airing the Season 3 in U.S now and I've just started my Season 1. Never planned to watch this American tv drama series even when I was in Australia when they started showing the Season 1 almost 3 years back. My "craving" on Desperate Housewives just started...errr yesterday evening, when I have nothing to do at home. Got influenced by my sis when she was watching it in the living room.
Since I have nothing better to do and no Astro for me to watch since she has "booked" the tv for this drama series, I just tried to watch the Disc 1 which we borrowed from my cousin. I do not always watch American series except for The O.C. and Friends. I just don't like to wait for an episod a week and 2-3 months for the following season to be aired. And only god knows when the story gonna end. That's why I prefer to watch the TVB drama instead, which is shorter and get to watch it almost everyday.
I knew that the Desperate Housewives is a big hit in the U.S. I thought it was just another Sex and the City or Friends, where you talked about life and love. Out of my expectation, I actually enjoy watching it. Well, maybe I'm a woman, that's why I enjoy it. Don't think LKC will prefer this kind of drama. It talks about families and love mostly. There's no super attractive actor nor super pretty actress in it. But somehow I enjoy watching it.
I'm gonna finish my Season 1 soon. And Season 2 and Season 3 are waiting for me...signing off now.

Wall's Mini Poppers


Remember I blogged once that I'm going to start a Food blog? Well, I've been quite busy with work and also been a lazy bum when I have time to blog. Since I do not have the tendency to bring my camera all the time, I'm so not used to take photo of the food that I ordered. Whenever the food is served, I'll just take the spoon/ fork/ chopsticks and just gulp the food down to my stomach without thinking more.

I like to eat, that's why I've putting on weight every now and then. No matter how hard I work out, how many classes I attend to burn the calories, yet I'm still getting heavier and fatter now. I'm putting on weight is because of the good food that I had. Good things must always be shared. Why not I just share the good food that I've tried before with my friends who visit my blog. At least, we can put on weight together gather marrr....hehehe.

Chocolate is one the flavor that I'll definitely choose no matter what. From ice-creams to drinks, from cakes to cookies. I just love the chocolate so much. Whenever I ordered ice-creams especially the Baskin Robbins or Hagen Daze, chocolate will be the flavor that I'll put in my priority list. I don't like to drink coffee or tea. So whenever I visit Coffee Bean or Starbucks, hot chocolate or ice-blended chocolate will be ordered. Chocolate moist cake and Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies will be my favourite too.

Wall's Mini Poppers has become one of my snacks lately. It's a very great idea for Wall's to come out with all the Wall's Mini like Wall's Mini Cornetto and the new Wall's Mini Poppers. Whenever you're craving for ice-creams and you're afraid that you'll gain few kilos on your body after finishing the whole original Cornetto then no worries anymore. The latest Wall's Mini Poppers is just so yummyliciousss...it just tastes like Ferrero Roches, with crunchy chocolate-nutty outside and vanilla/ chocolate ice-cream inside. I've tried the Vanilla flavor and it's just too perfect. Not too sweet and you get to enjoy chocolate and ice-cream at the same time.

Try it...it costs RM6.99 a box for 18 mini poppers (3 poppers in a pack).

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nice tools to rate your blog


Check this out in here.

My blog is rated

Online Dating

Sleepy Saturday


Planned earlier to go to Klang for dinner tonight, but just feel very lazy to go. It's raining outside...the weather is so nice and so cooling. Just made me lazier and sleepy at the same time. I woke up few times this morning. Woke up at 6.15am to send LKC to office to catch the bus to Cherating. Came back home at 7 something, straight away went back to sleep. Got a call from mum at 8 something I think, forgot what she was talking about then fell back to sleep. Got another call again at 10 something from the "mother-in-law" in Maybank. Finally, got my back up to sit in front of the laptop to surf the net and at around 11 something, received an SMS from LKC. Called him and talked for 10 minutes. I went back to sleep at 11 something and guess what, I slept until 1 something in the afternoon. I was only awake when I heard my sis banged on her room's door. I forced myself to get up and quickly went to shower before I laze on the bed fall asleep again.

It's 4.05pm now and I have just been awake for less than 3 hours. My eyes are tired and it's going to close at anytime. My sis is having her Desperate Housewives marathon at the living room and I've no idea on what to do if I'm not going back to sleep after blogging. Arrghh...the weather just makes me so lazy. Thank God it's Saturday today...try to imagine what happen if you get this kind of weather on a working day.

Oh by the way, I've been craving for this Cadbury Bytes lately. It's too yummy and best of all, it's cheap. Only RM1.99 (after discount in Jusco Supermarket) a pack. As you can see from the packagin itself, it's a cereal puff with chocolatey centre. Yummyliciousssss....
Signing off now. Going to my dreamland now...Zzzzzz...Happy Weekend folks.

Monday, July 16, 2007

My new gadget


My new gadget.
Sony Ericsson S500i.

Nice screen resolution.

Nice design and colour.
Good speaker and clear sound.

Not too expensive and the latest model.

Best of all...from LKC.

Thank you...love you heaps.

The beginning of a new life


It's an all new beginning for me from today onwards after started my work since 2 years back. Not that I'm changing to a new job. I'm still in the same old company since I joined 2 years back. I was all alone (alone in the sense that my LKC was not by my side) in KL here on the weekdays for 2 years. It was either me who went back to Ipoh or LKC came over to KL so that we could spent some tine together on the weekends.
It's all changing now. I guess most of you have known that LKC had resigned from his job in Ipoh and made up his mind to come to KL to start a new career and a new life here. I'd been waited for this chance since 2 years ago and finally my dreams came true. LKC has moved to KL here yesterday and reporting to his new job today.
This is a total change to him. The change is not just moving from Ipoh to KL and staying together with me and not having a home-cooked dinner every night. It is a change of career as well. He was a Test Engineer back in Ipoh, guess what he is working as now? An engineer also? Nope...he's working in the field of Marketing now in one of a company in Glenmarie. I'm not sure he has made a right choice or not but I really wish he made the correct decision.
From now onwards, I'm not just playing as a role of a girlfriend. I'll be his partner, his unofficial-wife and his maid as well...hehehe. I'll make sure he's comfortable staying together with me. I'll make sure he'll become happier than he used to. There are things that we need to compromise. There are things that we need to sacrifice. All the best to you. Will always support and be there for you...love you heaps :)

LKC...lets work hard for better tomorrow....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

So lovely


Isn't she cute?

Isn't she lovely?

Ohh...miss her so much...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Streamyx drama


I've been struggling to online from home for the past 2 days as something reaaalllllyyyyyyy very stupid happened to my streamyx account. I needed to ask LKC to go offline so that I could use his streamyx account while waiting for my streamyx to be activated. Let me tell you the details....here it goes....

On 30th June (Sat), I went to TMPoint at Damansara Uptown to deactivate the HotSpot service that I used to have for free for the past 2 years. It was part of the promotion the time I signed up for the streamyx. Since I've been using the streamyx for 2 years now, they started to charge me for the HotSpot service this month as it had already past the promotion period. I called to the Customer Service to deactivate it, but they said I have to go to the TMPoint to do it. Ok...fine. So I went there to deactivate it. I filled up a form which was given to me by the receptionist. He even ticked for me that I would like to deactivate the HotSpot service. I thought everything will be fine after submitting the form. I will not be charged extra RM10 a month for the HotSpot service that I had never ever used before.

I usually turn on my lappie once I arrive at home. As usual, on Monday, when I arrived at home I turned on my lappie and tried to connect to the Internet. I've set my modem to auto-connect. I didn't know that I wasn't connected to the Internet. I tried to go online, signed in to MSN. Everything just failed to load. So I tried to restart my lappie for at least twice. Still it couldn't work. I checked my modem settings and only found out that it wasn't connected. I borrowed LKC's account and tried to connect from my place here. Dah da....connected.

Damn it...what the heck. What happened to my account? I called to the customer service again and found out that my account had been closed. Huh...closed? Who asked for it to be closed? The gal told me that the request was submitted by me. What? No way. I was very pissed off. So I asked how can I activate back my account. That gal told me I have to go to TMPoint to get it done. What? Again I was very pissed off. What's the purpose of having a call centre when you can't help to solve the customers' problems? I kept on scolding and scolding them. That stupid gal told me that "Ma'm...I'm going to put you in silent mode and I continue with my work." How can a customer service representative speaks like that? I was again very pissed off. I asked for her name and told her that I'm going to make a complain about her. But actually I didn't make the complain, just to make her worry...hehehe.

Then I submitted an online complain about the problem that I was having but I only got a reply saying that they'll investigate the case further and will get back to me asap. How long do I need to wait for this? Luckily, there's a TMPoint nearby Menara Maybank here. So I went there to check out what I can do. They called to the TMPoint Uptown to check on the form that I submitted previously and found out that it was their mistake to close my account. So I asked them what I can do now. They told me I need to register for a new account as they can't re-activate the old account. Huh...why is the system so stupid? But thank god, the customer representative that handled my problem was not bad. He told me that he will waive my registration fee and will activate back my streamyx asap. He even explained to me clearly on what I will be expecting to see on my new bill. Hmm...at least I'm feeling better now and I can online again.

So guys, if you ever require to do activate/deactivate any of the streamyx's services. Please think twice before you proceed. You might end up all the hassle that I went thru.

Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm not a plastic bag


Can you imagine thousands of people are queuing up for this 'I'm Not a Plastic Bag' shopping bag? I did not know about this bag until last Saturday when LKC's colleague asked him to go and get one for him. We went to the Anya Hindmarch outlet in U-Parkson at 1-Utama on last Saturday to checkout what is so special about this bag. When we were there, we didn't manage to see any bags that look like this. All we could see were those designer handbags. So I went and asked the sales girl there and showed her the photo that LKC's colleague passed to him. To our surprise, this shopping bag was launched on last Friday and it was all sold out on that day itself. According to the sales girl, the main outlet of Anya Hindmarch is located in KLCC and thousand of people were queuing up for this bag on its launching day and it is all sold out on the same day. So I asked about the price of this shopping bag and it costs RM55. I was really surprised that Malaysians actually spent RM55 to buy a shopping bag. A bag that is used for shopping...imagine, putting your groceries in a RM55 bag. What a rich guy. According to LKC, the reason why this bag is so popular is because the celebrities are using it, one of them is Keira Knightly - the Pirates girl.

I did a Google search about this bag and came to know about the purpose of this bag. Here are the Q&A about this bag from the Anya Hindmarch website.

What was the bag designed for?
I’m Not A Plastic Bag is a reusable bag that can be used for shopping, the gym, the beach, school etc.

We are trying to use our influence in a positive way to make it fashionable not to use plastic bags, to raise awareness of this issue and to encourage people to make small changes in their behaviour.