Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Should or shouldn't?

Oh God, please help me! Should I or shouldn't I? I made up my mind not to change and told Augustin about it. But Augustin told me that I should change since I'm given the chance. He said that if I found out that I do not like the other areas, I can always go back to Basis. Should I leave Basis? I have worked in Basis for 3 months already. Do I like it? No idea. But honestly, sometimes I find out it's quite interesting to work in Basis as we can never predict what will happen to the system. The system can be down at anytime. And I really admire how my seniors handled the problems very professionally. How can they remember all the tcodes, the unix commands. I told myself before that I wanna be as professional as them. Besides that, I really would like to have a chance to do some installations and upgrades. I saw Shu installed some Oracles patches before, she really opened my eyes to a new world. There are many things that I had not seen before, never even thought of it also, but now I really knew that our technology is really that hi-tech. Do I get the chance to see all these, what I'd liked to call, 'hi-tech' stuff if I change to other areas?

Got replies from someone about this:-

LKC said 'I shouldn't change cause I'm very lucky to have seniors like Augustin and Shuhadah. You might not be that lucky when you are in another area.'

LC said 'Be brave to change. You can learn more, maybe you will like another area. Nothing is fixed.'

Bullet said 'I agreed to your blog (the previous blog). If you want to be a professional in Basis, you shouldn't change.'

What do you guys think? Give me some suggestions. Or should I leave it to the bosses to decide it for me?


Survon said...

I suppose I am the FIRST person to leave comment in this blog...wah...feel so honoured.

Well, to change or not to change? That's the question. But, there is another question, is the change permanent or not? Since your senior suggested "Let the newbies expose to different areas, so that they can choose what they like". Did anyone missed the final part? I quote again, "SO THEY CAN CHOOSE WHAT THEY LIKE". Ok, concluding the sentense, i suppose the change is just temporary.

Yes, you have great seniors here and you like your current tasks, but how do you know you won't like the new tasks when you have never tried? It's just temporary. You can still come back to the same area, right? You are just changing area, and not changing company.

My suggestion? - Go explore other areas for a period of time. Only after that, you will know where you would like to stay and you can decide by then, don't you?

Anyway, good luck, baby...