Monday, February 12, 2007

Alone in JB


I'm all alone in JB now. What am I doing here? Business trip lor...what else? What a boring day to start my week this way. Well, it has been quite some time since the last time I blogged. Chinese New Year is coming soon...can't hardly wait for it. Was actively window shopping for the past few weeks until the last weekend, where I bought 3 pieces of clothes, 1 from The Curve flee market and another 2 from Ikano. Nothing much to do now, just waiting for my LKC to go home and call me before I call it a day. I'm currently using a very extremely expensive internet connection to write my blog. Well, I've nothing to do now except online. It costs RM57 for 24-hours...expensive huh? That's why I'm fully utilizing it now...blogging, downloading, chatting, surfing etc...whatever you can do with the internet. I'll have to be here for 2 more days...what a boring place. LKC and my brother had been warning me to becareful when I'm in JB here. That made me feel abit scared to walk out from the hotel. Though the hotel that I'm staying here is close to the High Court, but I'm still abit scared to walk alone when I see all the Malays loitering and sitting at the garden doing nothing. Just hoping for the 2 days to fly as fast as possible. I really wish to go back to KL as soon as possible and really want to enjoy my CNY holiday soon.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! Gong Xi Fatt case I don't blog before the CNY!!