Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Langkawi trip

This is my first trip to Pulau Langkawi and first time to join a company's trip. Accommodation, transportation and food were all paid by the company. One word that best describes this trip....*marvellous*. It was quite fun cause I got to see all my colleagues (not all lar actually) whom I only met once or twice since I started to work. What to do...we're at every part of Klang Valley for different projects. This is the best time to meet each other and get to know each other "better". Went there for 3 days 2 nights, stayed at Pelangi Beach and Resort Spa, which is a 4-stars resort, but to me it should be more than 4 stars cause the resort is very very nice. Around 40 plus people joined this trip, 24 of which are my colleagues and bosses. The rest are their family members.
Day 1(Saturday 17th Dec 05)
Arrived in KLIA at 9am and gathered. The flight was delayed for almost 30 minutes. The flight took off at around 10.45am and landed in Langkawi airport at 11.45am. Got up to a damn lousy bus and brought us a Thai restaurant just next to the Underwater World. The food, as usual, sucks cause the restaurant is mainly doing the tourists' business...how can the food be tasty ler? After lunch, went to the Underwater World to look at the marine creatures. The aquarium is not as nice as in Singapore. I'd still prefer the one in Singapore. After visiting Underwater World, we went to a Gamat (sea cucumber) Factory. The gamat is used as a traditional medicine to cure minor cuts and wounds. It is said that you won't hurt your fingers even when the gamat medicine is boiling. After visiting the gamat factory, we paid a visit to Makam Mahsuri. Watched a video about the famous Mahsuri and watched my hand with the water in the Telaga Mahsuri. Next we went to Perdana Galleria. This is the place where our former Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir keeps all the gifts and sourvenirs he received from different parts of the world. Next, we headed for our dinner at Pat Poh Restaurant in the town. The overall trip was nice but the rain really spoilt the mood. After dinner, we headed back to the resort. Took a shower and went to one of my colleague's room. We played blackjack, chit-chatting with each other and of course not to forget, drink...drank...drunk! Went back to the room at around 1am and called it a day.
Day 2 (Sunday 18th Dec 05)
Woke up at 7am to wash up and prepare for breakfast. Had some nasi lemak and American breakfast. At 9am, prepared myself for a whole-day teambuilding session. Thought it'd be a boring day cause no idea what they were going to do during the session. Thanks to Mr. Shahrill, the facilitor from Singapore. Had a personality test to find out what kind of person I am. I am a type 'I' person, which means happy-go-lucky. I guess the test is quite accurate cause I am really a very 'cincai' person. I don't aim things to be perfect. As long as I'm satisfied with it, then everything will be fine. Played some silly elephant-cow-monkey-JohnTravolta-and-ElvisPresley-game. Besides that, we played some other games where we were required to work as a team to solve the problem. Besides that, we also played 'The Apprentice' game, where we were grouped according to our personality type. We were required to 'build' a property (using some magnets) and sell our property to 'Mr. Donald Trump'. After that, we played another game where we were given some pipes and marbles. The marbles are our customers and the pipes are the processes. We were required to transfer the 'customers' through the 'processes' to the final destination. We were required to figure out how to transfer the 'customers' without dropping it. At first, we were competing with one another to meet our targeted goal, but at the end of the game we all were working together to meet the targeted goal. The game was very nice as we learnt how to help each other us. I guess that is the purpose of the session. Next, we played a game called 'Magic Rope'. Why is it called as 'Magic Rope'? The goal for the game is to drop the rope on the ground. The rope was placed on our fingers and we were required to drop it on the ground. Somehow, the rope will never drop on the ground no matter how many times we tried. The rope will go up and up and everyone blamed one another for pushing up the rope. That is the reason why it is called as 'Magic Rope'. Two thumbs up for the overall session. Everyone seems to enjoy themselves very much during the session. After the session, we headed back to our room to wash up and rest. At around 8pm, we had our BBQ Seafood Buffet. The food was not as nice as expected but it is quite expensive. It costs about RM90 per person. After the dinner, we went to the beach to catch the fresh breeze. I caught a baby crab and kept it in a glass. What is wrong for catching a crab? That is one of the game you play by the seaside, right? But my colleagues were not thinking like that. They find it very cruel and nagging me to send the crab back to the beach. But I didn't bother, I just left it to the garden as we had to attend a lucky-draw session after that. Before the prize giving session started, we had a 'sport day' for the children. The kids were also received a present each. Finally, lucky draw for the adults. It wasn't a lucky draw actually, the boss just said that no. 7 to no. 21 got the consolation prizes which were RM50 vouchers from MPH, Metrojaya and Jaya Jusco. No. 1 to no. 6 would got the bigger prize. Lucky Yean Kwang, she got the grand prize which is RM1000 travel voucher to travel to anywhere she wants. The session ended after the prize giving session for long-service rewards. Mr Hari (the MD), Hu Ghee (one of the director), Sue and Jaya each rewarded a watch for the long-service in the company. After the prize giving session, we went to Tarmizee's room to played cards and 'drink...drank...drunk' again. Stopped the game at 12 midnight, as we received complain for being too noisy. Caught a match of soccer (Arsenal vs Chelsea) and had some chit-chat and IQ test with Larry, Yean Kwang and Jeff. Stupid me for being cheated by the Fei Cai Larry. At 2am, went back to the room and called it a day.
Day 3 (Monday 19th Dec 05)
Slept until 9.30am and washed up for breakfast. After breakfast, walked around the resort and the beach. Very unlucky for me for seeing Tarmizee, Karthi, Nantha and Arul at the beach. I was being pulled and thrown to the beach by them. Walked back to the room and had a shower and packed my things and prepared to check-out. While waiting for the lunch, had a few games of 'Big 2' with Larry, Jeff and Wai Meng. After having our lunch, we headed to Kuah town for shopping. Bought a bottle of liquor, a carton of ciggy and lots of chocolates...from Andes to Toblerone and Hershey. We left the town at around 4pm and headed to the Langkawi Airport. Boarded the 5.35pm flight and arrived KLIA at 6.35pm. Had a chat with Mr. Shahrill. My first impression to him was 'wow...this girl is so quiet and the 'kuai-kuai' lui type'. But went he got to see me more...my true colours revealed. His impression on me totally changed.
The overall trip was great and during this trip, I got 2 new nicknames...'School Girl' and 'Lilo'. Thanks Tarmizee for the 'School Girl' name, everyone is calling me 'school girl' now. And thanks to Kuha (the Director) for the 'Lilo' name. He thinks that I look like 'Lilo'. Anyway, I don't mind having so many nicknames, as long as everyone is happy and enjoyed themselves. Two thumbs up for this trip. 'One team, one vision'...hell yeah!


Survon said...
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Survon said...

How come no picture one geh???

And why are you named 'School girl' and 'Lilo'???

Lisan said...

Just uploaded some photos in the next blog. I was being called as School Girl cause I'm the smallest size and the youngest I think in the company.
Lilo is because one of my director thinks that I look like Lilo