Monday, February 25, 2008

Pasta Zanmai


Pasta Zanmai at 1-Utama, next to Carl’s Jr is a Japanese casual pasta restaurant. Instead of serving the common yet famous Japanese food like sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, etc, this restaurant serves pasta instead as the name suggests. It’s kinda hard to spot this restaurant as it is hidden behind Shojikiya’s Japanese foodstuff. The ambience of this restaurant is not bad though the place is quite small. One thing that I like the most is their kitchen. They have an open kitchen concept at the back of the restaurant, allowing you to observe the chef-in-action.

The giant menu

The open kitchen
There is a wide selection of pasta to choose from their gigantic menu. LKC ordered “hamburg to Kinoko no meat sauce” set while I ordered the ala carte “asari to kinoko no cream sauce”. It costs RM3 extra for the set which comes with a bowl of miso soup and a salad. We also ordered “Surumeika Sugatayaki” as a side dish. As for the drink, we had a pot of green tea which is refillable and just nice for the two of us.

Refillable green tea pot (RM1.50 per person)

Asari to Kinoko no Cream Sauce

Ever tried eating pasta with chopsticks?
I had the Asari to Kinoko no Cream Sauce which is short-neck clam and Japanese Mushroom Cream Sauce Pasta. The clams were quite fresh but they did not clean it properly leaving some mud on the clam. The serving was quite huge with a lot of Japanese mushroom and clams. The cheese was only grated when the pasta was served. This ala-carte meal costs RM25, which was a bit pricey but judging the quality of the food, it is worth giving a try.

Hamburg to Kinoko no Meat Sauce set

The hamburger and Japanese Mushroom Meat Sauce Pasta

The salad

The glutton LKC
This is the set meal that LKC ordered. The Hamburg to Kinoko no Meat Sauce set, which costs RM25. The set meal came with a bowl of miso soup and a salad. The pasta was served with the tomato meat sauce, Japanese mushroom and a piece of hamburger meat (it tasted like the Ramly Burger).

Surumeika Sugatayaki
The Surumeika Sugatayaki is grilled "Surume" squid. The squid is served with grinded ginger and a piece of lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice on top of the squid to remove the "fishy" smell of the squid and the squid is ready to be eaten. Both LKC and myself prefer to have it without the grinded ginger as the ginger does not really match with the squid. The grilled sotong costs RM15 per piece which is quite reasonable.

The dessert menu
They also serve a wide selection of desserts and beverages. Some special ones are green tea latte, black sesame ice-cream, ichigo ice, strawberry parfait and etc. We did not manage to order the tempting desserts as we were too full with the meal that we had.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Another year has gone...


Well, as usual...we never got a chance to celebrate Valentine's Day, AGAIN, this year. LKC is back to KL and I'm still in Ipoh enjoying my CNY holiday. Planned earlier to give LKC a surprise on the Valentine's Day. Planned to go back to KL on Thursday to celebrate Valentine's Day with LKC and follow LKC's car back to Ipoh on Friday...but...I was too lazy and sick. I think I've been cursed previously. I've been cursed to fall sick on the 14th February. I'm having flu now...ahhh cheewww...remember the post I previously blogged about? Read here.
Due to my laziness and also my sickness, we ended up no Valentine's Day celebration AGAIN. Last Friday was our 6th year anniversary. Since our anniversary falls on the 2nd day of CNY this year, that celebration AGAIN! We did went out on that night, but not to those romantic place. Guess where we went? Hahaha...we went to Fook Sing char sat in Ipoh Garden East there instead to have the yummy BBQ lamb and also fried sotong.
After having supper, we went back to LKC's home and *ngek*ngek*ngek*ngek*...don't get misunderstood...we were not doing something naugthy...we played chor tai dee and drank beer...yes, just the 2 of us. I won 3 bucks I think...wahahaha.
That was how we celebrated our 6th Anniversary and Valentine's Day. Well, it doesn't really matter when and how to celebrate the anniversary and the Valentine's Day. What really matters is the love. Everyday can be Valentine's Day and anniversary as long as we love and care each other. Love you heaps, LKC!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy 6th Year Anniversary!!


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

鱼生 (Yee Sang)


What is CNY without 鱼生 (Yee Sang)? It's one of the must eat food during CNY apart from the kuih kepit, kuih bakul (nin kou), mandarin oranges and etc. It's something that I always crave for even when it is not Chinese New Year.

It's not even Chinese New Year yet, but I've already had lou sang for the 3rd times this year/ last year??!!

I had my first lou sang with LKC's boss and colleagues on last Wednesday at Wong Poh Restaurant at Aman Suria. No picture taken, pai seh lah...LKC's boss always thinks I'm siao-siao one, still want to be "suah gu" in front of him meh!!??

On Saturday, LKC suddenly craved for lou sang again, just like the pregnant woman, suddenly feel like eating something. So I invited Faye, Juvin and Kate to have our lou sang at the Oversea Restaurant at Subang Parade. We ordered the Pear Yee Sang + Jelly Fish. This is my second lou sang for this year. For more details about our outing that night, refer to Faye's blog. Too bad Popo, Oi Lan and Sabrina couldn't join us for this wonderful night as it was really a last minute plan, we can always plan for another toss during the CNY.

Today, after work, LKC picked me up from the Kelana Jaya LRT station. We went to Lucky Seafood Restaurant at Seapark to have our dinner. We never planned to order the yee sang today, but when I saw the yee sang "stall" at the restaurant and seeing people tossing the yee sang, my craving for the yee sang "triggered". We ordered a small yee sang with other dishes for our dinner.

It was too much for the two of us and it was actually quite difficult to mix the ingredients together where only two pairs of chopsticks tossing it. We couldn't finish the lou sang and ta-pau the yee sang back home. It's gonna be my brunch for tomorrow, I guess. More yee sang meals to come during the Chinese New Year.

Yummy...yummy...yee sang.

Gong Xi Fatt Cai


Wishing everyone . May all your wishes come true!

All the good things will follow you while the bad things run far far away!

May good fortune abound and wealth increase in your New Year!

Become richer and richer! Win 4D, lottery, horse-racing, Big 2, Black Jack...just win more money!!

May the God of Fortune follows you wherever you go and win more $$$!

Last but not least, Happy Rat Year! Gong Xi! Gong Xi!