Sunday, January 27, 2008

1901 HotDogs


1901 Snack Cafe @ The Curve
We were totally out of idea on where to makan at The Curve. We have tried almost all the restaurants there. The nice one...visited more than hundred times (eg. Sakae Sushi, TGI Fridays, Dragon I, Kim Gary). The not so nice one and the expensive one...visited one time is more than enough (eg. Thai Express, Ah Tuan Ee's Place, Movenpick Marche, Nanxiang Steamed Bun, Shilla Korean Buffet, Italliannies, Vivo American Pizza and Panini and etc). The 1901 Hotdog located at a quite isolated corner. Well, not so isolated actually. It's just that we never noticed it only...hahaha.

We ordered two set meals...medium for me and large for LKC. The set meal came with the hotdog, of course, a cup of drink and mashed potato. LKC changed the mashed potato to french fries for an additional of RM1.00 (if I'm not mistaken).

I always thought that when you order a large set meal, the only difference from the medium set meal is on the drink and fries. The burger/sandwich size is the same for medium or large set. I was surprised to see that the large Coney Dog set meal that LKC ordered came with a large Coney Dog Beef. I ordered Texas Ted Chicken

The large coney dog beef

The Texas Ted Chicken

LKC had to hold like this...can you imaging how long is the large hotdog?

Texas Ted Chicken...covered with cheese strip and topped with BBQ sauce and dash of chilli flakes.

Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri


Where would you think of when you think of satay? Kajang of course. Well, you don't need to travel too far as the famous Sate Kajang Haji Samuri has outlets almost everywhere in the Klang valley. When LKC was staying at USJ 4-5 years back, it just meant driving towards the Taipan, USJ outlet to have this one of the most wonderful Malaysian food. For now, we just need to drive to the outlet at Damansara Uptown (the row opposite Subway, or the row behind the Maybank).

Sate Kajang Haji Samuri is a famous Sate Kajang fast-food restaurant chain in Malaysia (according to Wikipedia, and I think so too!).

They serve various type of satays like ayam, daging, perut, ikan and hati at RM0.60 per stick, kambing at RM0.90 per stick, rusa at RM1.30 per stick and arnab at RM1.60 per stick. Besides that, they also serve other side dishes like ketupat and nasi impit.

+ =
Chillies oil + Peanut sauce = Wonderful Satay kuah

As usual, the satays are served with side dishes like cucumber and onion to reduce the heat in your body after having the bbq meat. We ordered the common satays like the chicken satay and beef satays. Additionally we ordered the perut satays as well (LKC's fave).

Apart from the main course (yes, we have to treat the satays as the main course), we also ordered nasi goreng kampung and also meehoon goreng. The satays itself already made us very full together with the nasi goreng and meehoon goreng.

Nasi goreng kampung

Meehoon goreng
Their side dishes (i.e. nasi goreng kampung and meehoon goreng) tasted so-so only. We shall just order the satays only the next time we go there again.

Teow Chew Meng Restaurant


It was my 3rd or 4th time visiting this restaurant after reading the review of this restaurant in KYSpeaks. We found the food served here was very yummy, but not until our last visit which was few weeks back. It was our first time visiting this restaurant for dinner. We went there for lunch for the past few visits. Nope...they do not have different menu for lunch and dinner. They only serve few types of main course like mee sua tow, seafood porridge and tom yam noodles. As for the side dishes, they serve octopus, mango kerabu, oyster, vegetables, seafood fried rice, seafood roll and a few more. As usual, we ordered mee sua tow for 1 person (RM10 per pax), tom yam seafood noodle for 1 person (RM10 per pax also) and vegetable (RM10).

Mee sua tow

The mee sua tow was topped with some 'fake' shark fin together with fish maw, crab sticks, prawn, octopus, fish and squid. It is best eaten with Chinese black vinegar and a little bit of sambal belacan.

Tom yam seafood noodles

The tom yam soup was made with ingredients like tomato, crab sticks, prawns, fried fish, squid, octopus, fishball and of course the noodle.

Vegie topped with fried onion and dried shrimp

We enjoyed their mee sua tow very much. It was a must-to-order dish everytime we visited this restaurant. But after our last visit, I guess we will not be visiting this restaurant anymore as their quality has dropped. The mee sua tow tasted not as nice as our previous visits. The tom yam was kinda tasteless...maybe because they had added more water to the tom yam soup since they open from morning till night.

If you feel like trying it, then I would suggest to go in the afternoon for brunch/ lunch like our previous visits. Maybe the seafood is still fresh in the afternoon and that makes the food tastes better. Teow Chew Meng Restaurant is situated at SS2, same row as the Lobster Man. They have branches in SS15, Subang Jaya and Aman Suria.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Me, a desperado?


Since yesterday a public holiday for both LKC and myself, we decided to go jalan-jalan at 1-Utama to do some CNY shopping. As always, I'm a very kay-poh girl. Whenever there is a roadshow, for sure I will drop by to have a look. There is this roadshow by Love Vision Bridal House at the lower ground floor and I had a glimpse on their photo album while coming down from the escalator at the Hang Ten there and it looked quite attractive to me.

At first, I was walking towards the photo album with LKC and this sales representative came over to have a chat with us, with me basically. After a while, LKC walked away to get some drinks. I was still standing at their booth there and browsing through the photo album. Just pretending that I was interested to find out more about the packages that they offer, I asked about their offer and what is included in the package. Before I had more time to flip through the album, there was another sales representative came over. Still pretending that I was very interested to find out more, I asked about the photos in the album, whether it was taken indoor or outdoor, how many pieces of gowns are included, make-up, the price...blah blah blah.

Then this 2nd sales representative told me to have a sit in order to discuss further. I knew I couldn't escape if I were to sit down there. So I told them that my boyfriend had just walked away. I need to get him here to discuss together. Then this 2nd sales representative was so shocked. She said..."Har...your boyfriend walks away when he sees you looking at the photo album arr!!??"

WTF...she sounded like I'm so desperate to get married until the boyfriend also afraid already... upset...upset...upset!!!