Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How Malaysian are you?


1. How much is satu kupang?

2. Where's the favourite spot to take wedding pictures in Taiping?

3. In what dialect is Apo Nak Di Kato?

4. Name at least five variations of roti canai.

5. What is the staple food of native Sarawakians.

6. Name a popular Malay ointment made from "sea-cucumber"

7. Name the sauce made from fish or shrimp that the Kelantanese love.

8. What does pi mai pi mai tang tu mean?

9. Which fruit is Ipoh famous for?

10. What is the English name for putu mayam?

11. "Lah" is to Peninsular Malaysians as"... " is to Sabahans.

12. What does ABC stand for?

13. How long is a sari?

14. What does the Cantonese phrase" ngam ngam " means ?

15. Name Penang's famous beach.

16. How do you order coffee mixed with tea at a kopi-tiam?.

17. What's on Malaysian TV at 8pm?

18. On one side of our RM1 coin is the bunga raya, what's on the other?.

19. Now what's on our 10 sen coin?

20. What was the name of the KL Commonwealth Games 1998 mascot? the name?

21. When you fill in a form, if you're not Malay, Chinese or Indian,you are... ?

22. Who is Malaysia's favourite Kampung Boy?

23. How did the word "gostan" come about?

24. Lobo's Whispers in the Wind is the English version of which famous Malay song?

25. When did Malaysia last win the Thomas Cup?

26. What is the name of our national flag?

27. If you want 4D numbers, who do you consult?

28. What's the name of the Malaysian-made 175cc motorbike?

29. Name our national bird.

30. If the father is a baba, and the mother is a nyonya, then what is the son?


1. Northern slang for 10 sen

2. Lake Gardens

3. Negri Sembilan, meaning "What's there to say?"

4. Roti bom, roti pisang, roti planta, roti telur, roti sardin, roti tisu, roti bawang

5. Sago

6. Minyak gamat made from sea cucumber, for wounds

7. Budu

8. Northern dialect that means coming and going but ending up at the same spot

9. Pomelo

10. String hoppers

11. Bah

12. Air batu campur OR All Asia Broadcast Centre

13. Six yards

14. Just in time or just fit or just right.

15. Batu Ferringhi

16. Kopi cham

17. The news

18. Keris

19. Congkak

20. Wira

21. "Other" or Lain-lain

22. Lat

23. A corruption of "go astern"

24. P. Ramlee's Getaran Jiwa

25. 1992

26. Jalur Gemilang

27. "Datuk"

28. Jaguh

29. There's none - lah

30. Baba


0-10 - Malu-lah you! We suggest you spend at least one hour a day at your nearest coffee-shop.

11-20 - Boleh pass. Okay, you may claim to be the average Malaysian with a score in this range but you could watch less CNN on Astro and more local content on RTM.

21-30 - Wah, you one true blue Malaysian-lah. Top quality belacan. We are truly impressed, especially if you know the answer to No. 24 which we admit is very tricky!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

LKC is spidey??!!


Left: Tobey Maguire (aka Spiderman/ Peter Parker) Middle: Me Right: LKC

To date, there are 3 people who said LKC looks like Tobey Maguire (the Spiderman). The first person who said so was my sister. She saw one of the photo that I put in my room that I took with LKC at 1-Utama on the One Card Privileges+ Day and said that LKC looks like Tobey Maguire in the picture. The next person who said LKC looks like the Spiderman was my colleague. She was another photo that I took with LKC, which I set as wallpaper on my phone (the one that I put as primary photo in Friendster right now) also said that he looks like the Spiderman. Finally, the last person who said he looks like Tobey Maguire was a clerk in his company. Does he really look like Tobey Maguire? Hmm...nope, don't think so at all. I've tried to uploaded LKC's photos in MyHeritage before, but failed to find Tobey Maguire in him. Actually most of the photos that I tried, the celebrity that it managed to detect the most from LKC's face is Michelle Yeoh. Tried at least 5 photos, almost 4 photos showed Michelle Yeoh's face there with around 60% similarity. Funny...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

LKC is finally coming over to KL to work after waited for errmmm....almost 2 years. Ooopsss...after I waited for almost 2 years, to be more specified. Will be reporting to his new job in Glenmarie, Shah Alam on the 16th July 2007, if his existing company never counter-offer him with at least 50% increment of his current salary, which is quite tempting to everyone.

Don't hesitate to call me out for dinner or yum char even when LKC is in KL. Will just leave him at home if he feels lazy to go out or will bring him along if you guys don't mind...hehehe.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Chinese Bit Torrent site


Anyone has Chinese Bit Torrent site that is easy to use? The one that I always use (Plus28) does not allow me to download mp3 anymore. Desperately need one. Please drop me a message in MSN or leave a comment here for the address. Thanks...

Just another scolding


I hate it when people never return the things that they borrowed from me. I don't mind lending the things but I just hate it when you treat it as if I have given it to you and no plans of returning it back to me.

First of all, the thing that you borrowed from me does not really belong to me. It belongs to my company. I might need to be responsible for that if it's missing or spoilt. No one will know you actually lost it or spoilt it. You think you just gave me a replacement for the thing that you borrowed will actually enough for me? The things are totally different. One is a DVD writer and another one is just a CD writer. I know you need to burn your DVD but at least make it faster and return to people once you're done. Why do you need to take it for a month now and it seems like there's no plans of returning it to me? Do you know that I waited for 10 minutes just to open the player and put the CD in? Do you know I have to wait for another 5 minutes for the disc to load? I'm fine with that if I do not need to use the player but it made me really "tu lan" when I need to use it. I tried to get it back from you once, but after few days later you asked from me again.

You made me really angry when you asked me a very ridiculous question yesterday. "Is your notebook still under warranty?" he asked. I said, "Yes". "Oh great, I burnt more than 10 DVDs and I still have quite a number of discs to burn", he said. What...@#$%&*...how can you say such an irresponsible thing. You're trying to make it spoil because it's still under warranty?

I don't want to make myself hate you. I start to dislike you. Don't try to turn the dislike to hate, ok? I don't want to curse you whenever I talk about you. I don't want to scold you in my blog like what I did for the stupid @$$hol3 PM I used to blog about. Oh btw, talking about the @$$hol3 PM, he has already resigned from my company. How nice. In future, I do not need to worry about who is the PM for the project whenever I'm being assigned to a new project. Thank God...amen, namo amitabha...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Joke of the day


The news about our Prime Minister's marriage has turned out to be a joke among my project team and I've became famous for the innocent question that I asked when my colleague told me about this marriage.

B: Our PM is getting married on this Sat.
Me: (shockingly whispering)What? Hasbullah is getting married?? (Fyi, Hasbullah is my project manager for the project that I'm working in now) (In my mind, I was thinking...why didn't he inform/ invite us earlier)
B: Not Project Manager...our Prime Minister.
Me: Ooohhh

Another team mate who is from India, lets call him S made a bigger joke.

S: Oooh...he's getting married again? It's his third marriage this time.
Me, B: Huh...how did you know it's his third marriage? We only knew that he had a wife named Endon who had just past away not so long ago.
S: He told me during the meeting.
Me, B: Huhh...when did you meet him?

Then only we found out that he was actually taking about Project Manager (i.e Hasbullah) and missed the part where B said "Not project manager...our Prime Minister)

It wasn't that funny when all these happen. It started to be a joke when my another colleague went and tell my PM (i.e Hasbullah) about the innocent question that I asked. The part where the India guy talked about the third marriage has been censored as she wasn't sure whether he'll be happy to hear that or not.

So, this morning Hasbullah suddenly came to my place and called my name. He had never done so before. I was really shocked when he called me.

H: Lisan....
Me: (Looking at him innocently) Yes...??
H: .............................do you want to attend my wedding this Saturday?
Me: hahahaha....

Everyone laughed and I have became the joke of the day when other team members (i.e those from Indonesia) knew about it as well.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007



I made my first bribery act yesterday ever since I got my driving license 6 years back. I was driving along the MRR2 from Kepong heading to Ulu Klang at around 1.30pm. I saw the speed limit is 60kmph along the MRR2 but I was driving at the speed of 80kmph. 80kmph is a very common speed limit for a highway I think. Anyway, I was stopped by the police traffic in the road block. He told me that I was speeding at the speed on 91kmph and told me the speed limit is 80kmph. I was surprised to hear that I saw it with my own eyes that the speed limit is 60kmph and not 80kmph. Anyway, it's not a matter of 60kmph or 80kmph now as I had already exceeded the speed limit. He told me that he's going to issue me a compound of RM300. He was acting as if he was doing his job. Was walking to the front of my car to check on my road tax and was checking on my driving license. Thinking of the RM300 summon as a huge amount, I tried to ask him for "help"

Me: Encik, boleh tolong ker?
Him: Bayar RM50 lah....
Me: Har...RM50, mahal lah...boleh kurang sikit
Him: Eh...tak boleh. Kalau tidak, bayar RM300 kompaun lah...Kalau bayar RM50 sekarang, kita boleh settle kat sini. Kalau tidak, u kena bayar kat station.

At first I really wanted to take the compound as I felt that I'm feeding some idiot if I give him the RM50 that he demanded. But when I came to think about the RM250 difference that I'm going to pay for the compound, I ended up bribing him. I know I was wrong for doing so.

The salary increment that the civil servants get will actually make these stupid idiots richer but will never change their attitude. You think they will stop taking bribe because of the few hundreds increment they get every month? The bribe that they get can be more than their monthly salary. Why did the government still want to give increment to them knowing that bribery case will still happen? Why did they want to spend money on these useless people? They can just spend the money on subsidizing on the petrol and toll instead. Upset with our country, upset with our people...