Friday, December 23, 2005

From naive to mature?

It's Dec 23rd now, 2 days before Christmas. Christmas used to be just a 'holiday' to me when I was still young, somehow the meaning of Christmas is changing every now and then. Still remember, I had a Christmas party at my grandma's place when I was 4 years old. My grandma and uncle are Christian, that was the reason why we organized a Christmas party on the eve of Christmas. That time I was still very young, couldn't remember much what was happening and why we had a party at my grandma's place, but there was one thing that I could still remember very clearly. When we were counting down, 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1, the first thing that I heard wasn't 'Merry Christmas', it was 'oopss sorry, Keong (my uncle's name), I opened the champagne for you' from one of my uncle's colleague. Everyone was laughing as my uncle was supposed to open the champagne and not his colleague. After that, the party continued.

As I'm getting older, I have my own ways of celebrating Christmas. The first time I did not go home after clubbing was 9 years ago, when I was 16 years old then. That was the night before Christmas also. Mei Yin, Wai Mun, Sit and me and Wai Mun's cousins and friends went to Yahoo! (better known as Y2K now) in Ipoh to celebrate the Christmas. This was the craziest and most stupid night that I ever had in my life. We did not get drunk or anything that night. Wai Mun followed her cousin went back home after the party. So only left me, Mei Yin and Sit. That was already 2-3am. Try to imagine, that time 3 of us were just 16, no driving license, no motorcycle license, and it was already so late at night, what type of transportation is the most convenient for us? The answer is Bus No. 11 (for those of you who don't know what Bus No. 11 is, it means walking). We walked from Ipoh Garden East to the Ipoh town, those who are from Ipoh, should know how far it is. It'll probably take about 20 minutes of driving without traffic jam. It took us around 3 hours to walk, if i'm not mistaken. We reached the town at around 6am and the funny part was we had our dim sum breakfast before we took a cab home. This was very crazy as we did not think of the dangers that could happen. It was very lucky for us as nothing big happened, only being chased by some dogs.

2 years later...when I was 17, just finished SPM, thought of having some fun to reward the hard work that I put in the exam. So organised a Christmas party at another house of mine which was left empty. Invited quite a number of people, couldn't recall who came actually. Had some present-exchange session, played some childish games and the end of the party.

After I joined college, the way I celebrated Christmas had changed also. As I'm getting older, I would prefer to sit in a cafe with some close friends and chit-chat with each others and updates each other with the latest gossips rather than going to those places where you have to shout and scream just to ask someone to pass the drinks to you. Or catch a latest movie in a cinema is a nice way to celebrate this special day as well.

As my age is getting higher and higher, the way I look at things changed. The way I celebrated Christmas changed. The way I behave changed. Am I getting old? Yes I think so. There are two sayings, 'You're old when you turn your happy-hour to nap' and 'You're old when you plan to buy a property'. These two sayings match me 100%...hahaha. I look young physically but I'm old mentally. Oh this a good thing?


Survon said...

Bus no. 11??..haha..I remember you guys telling me the story...damn brave,man...but I'm sure it will be a sweet memory to anyone of you.

Was the 2nd party you mentioned was the one we had to clean the empty house and prepare all the things? Oh...those were the days...

Lisan said...

Yes, you actually remembered? Wow...amazing!