Monday, December 31, 2007

Specially for LKC


This post is specially dedicated to my dearest LKC. Thanks for the shower of caring throughout my sick and hospitalised days. You woke up every 4 hours to wake me up to take the medication. You made sure that I was alright and encouraged me with supportive words so that I could go through the hard time. You made some funny jokes to make me laugh even though deep down in your heart you were very worried about me. You felt guilty for bringing me to Puchong on the other night when the doctor suspected dengue fever. You showered me with caring and supports throughout my stay in the hospital. You made sure that mum was not worried about my condition by keeping her updated. You were very tired but still woke up very often to make sure that I was fine.

I feel loved and save to have you by my side all these while. You are my man! I love you heaps!

P/s:'s time to wake up liao. Time to cook for the dinner lor.



Many of you knew that I was sick on last weekend as I had to cancel all the plans that I had planned for the weekend. Was supposed to go to Klang with Chun Nee to visit Fei Pin on Friday night but had to cancel it as I was suddenly attacked by high fever, which went up to 39°C. I left the office at around 10.30am and headed to the clinic opposite my place. The doctor prescribed some panadols, antibiotics and pain killers medicine. I took the medicines almost every 4 hours and thought that it was just some normal fever.

On the very next morning, I started to feel very cold even though I was wearing a jacket and covered by 2 blankets. My whole body was very aching and that was when the fever started again. I took the medicine every 4 hours again and managed to control the fever. At one time, I did not take panadol after 4 hours, I started to get the fever again.

This made LKC very worried as the doctor told me to monitor myself for the next 48hours as it might be dengue fever. LKC brought me to visit the doctor again at 9 something on Saturday night and the doctor suggested to take a blood test. So he took some blood sample and sent it to the lab. I had to pay RM85 to send the blood sample to the Gribbles as the ING card that I have only cover blood test during office hour. So I will have to wait until Monday if I want it to be covered by ING. LKC said better not waiting and agreed to pay RM85 for the blood test.

Early Sunday morning, the fever did not subside. LKC called to the clinic to find out the test result. Thank God, it was not dengue positive. The report shows that the white blood cells count was high, which means that it was bacteria infection. LKC brought me to the clinic again as my situation became worse, I was still having fever even after taking the medicine. At the clinic, I told the doctor that I want faster recovery and I don't want to take any more medicines as it made me really blur. So the doctor gave me an antibiotics injection and told me that I should be fine.

My nightmare began after taking the injection, my body started to reject any liquid intake and I kept vomiting even with little slip of water to quench my thirst. My fever became higher again and LKC was so worried. He called the doctor again and the doctor suggested to pay him a visit again. When I arrived at the clinic again (in less than 2 hours), the doctor checked on my temperature and suggested me to go to the hospital. He prepared a referral letter together with the blood test report.

My "dog" tag

LKC quickly drove me to Damansara Specialist Hospital at TTDI and dropped me at the A&E ward. Upon arriving at the A&E, the nurse checked on my temperature, blood pressure and some "history" of my sickness. After that, I was checked by a GP and went through the "history" again with me and suggested that I should be hospitalised. I was put on drip and it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo painful. I cried when the nurse tried to poke the plastic tube to my hand. I was too afraid to take anymore injection because the antibiotic injection that the doctor poked on my butt earlier was super painful and not to forget the blood test. I didn't have any choice as I had to be on drip and that's the only way.

Then the nurse injected me with another medication that could stop my vomiting and asked me to take some panadols. I was lying at the A&E for almost half an hour while waiting for the ward arrangement. After sending me to the ward, I was too tired and dozed off. LKC took the opportunity to go home to take his shower, packed some necessities like food, drinks, laptop (to watch movie), my pillow and some books to kill off our time. The doctor paid me a visit at around 4 something and checked on my condition. He spent less than 5 minutes talking to me and checking on my throat.

The plastic tube poked on hand

Throughout my hospitalization, I had 4 injections of antibiotics, 1 blood test (again, this morning), 1 injection of the medicine that stopped the vomiting, 1 injection of flush, 3 bags of the sodium/ glucose water, had infinity times of diarrhea. Yes I had to bring the drip up and down whenever I needed to go to toilet.

My lunch, dinner and breakfast for yesterday and today

After removing the drip
I was prescribed with some medicines to bring home like panadols, antibiotics, diarrhea pills and a bottle of syrup to gargle.

The antibiotics

The syrup to gargle

The diarrhea pills and panadols
The total bill came up to RM1500++ for 1 night of hospitalization, medicines and the consultations. Thank God I have the ING medical card brought my the company. I'm given 2 days of medical leave and shall report back to work on Thursday.

I was discharged on this afternoon and is fine now. I just need to gain back my appetite and no countdown for me tonight. *sob* *sob*

Thursday, December 27, 2007

John King Egg Tart


Guess there is nothing much I can talk about nowadays since LKC is back. The only thing that I can blog about lately should be makan, makan and makan...nothing else. I was working on the Christmas day and finished work at around 4pm. LKC picked me up from KL Sentral and headed to Pavillion KL for our Christmas dating.

I was quite hungry when we arrived at Pavillion so was walking around to find something to satisfy my hunger. I had already tried the JCo Donuts and I have already given up by just looking at the queue. There is this entry in KYSpeaks that talks about the John King Egg Tart at Pavillion so we decided to give it a try. The queue at the John King stall was long too but not as long as JCo of course.

If you are a TVB fan, I'm sure you will always see a scene whereby someone will buy a box of egg tarts from some char chan ten (Hong Kong style cafe) when visiting someone and tell them "ngam ngam chut lou geh san sin guan yit lat tan tart" (just baked, still fresh and hot egg tarts). As for the lou phor peng, Ah Wong was the inventor of lou phor peng in the TVB series "Square Pegs".

There have around 6 flavours for the egg tarts like original, corn, durian, custard, green tea and red beans. People always say that original is always the best and looking at the different "weird" flavours that they have, we decided to try on the original flavour. The original egg tart costs RM1.60 each while the 'weird' flavours cost RM2.00 each, if I'm not mistaken. We also bought a box of lou phor peng, costs RM5.50 for 4 pieces. Other than that, they also serve chicken pie and siew pau.

The original egg tart

I'm not a big fan of egg tart, but I would still have it even though I don't eat egg (yolk to be more specified) at all. I found that this egg tart...don't get didn't taste super good. In fact, I found that it wasn't tasty at all.

Maybe I put too high of expectation on it...if you can read Chinese, they named themselves as 香港蛋塔王 (Hong Kong Tan Tart Wong - King of Egg Tart) somemore since 1965. The egg tart is tasteless and the crust is...tasteless also. I feel that the egg tart that my mum bought from the market, which only costs RM0.60 is even nicer than that.

Lou phor peng

As for the lou phor peng, I only had a bite of it and came to a conclusion that it is not nice as well. Maybe this is a more health conscious food stall, whereby they try to put less sugar and less oil in their food until all the food become so tasteless.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant


Went to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara for dinner on Christmas Eve. Well, this wasn't the first time we experienced Korean meal and wasn't our first visit to this restaurant. Been there few times and enjoyed the food and services there very much. I always told LKC that it is the only place that I feel really worthy paying the 10% service charge. Their service is even better than any other hotels.

For the dinner, we ordered 2 BBQ sets (well, that's the minimum order for BBQ). We ordered deung-shim and mok-sal. Deung-shim is non-marinated tender and thin sliced beef rib eye, while mok-sal is non-marinated pork.

For starter, we were served with a bowl of soup each. Not sure what is the name of the soup but I felt that the soup is a bit too hot, not the boiling type of's the pepper-ish hot. LKC likes the soup very much.

The very hot soup

As usual, we were served with different types of refillable side dishes include different type of kim chis, salad, anchovies and some vegies.

The side dishes

While we were enjoying the side dishes, the waiter barbequed the meat for us. We were taught on how to eat the bbq meat on our very first visit to the same restaurant at Taipan, USJ. First, place a "piece" of vegetable (sang choy) on your plate. Then dip the bbq meat with the sesame oil. Next scope a spoon of rice and some marinated spring onion on the vegie as well. Next, dip the barbequed garlic with the Korean teochew sauce. Finally, wrap all the ingredients with the vegie and put it into your mouth and enjoy.

The must-have for BBQ



For dessert, we were served with watermelon and a bowl of some red dates soup. The watermelon that they served is always sweet, no matter how plain the watermelon is.

Watermelon - very sweet

Red dates soup

The overall rating for this meal was awesome. The total bill for the meal was around RM110 - RM68 for the beef and RM27 for the pork, with 5% government tax and 10% service charge.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My cutie pie, cid-cey-ceow


Merry Christmas to all!


Merry Christmas Everybody! May god bless you all abundantly with love, joy, peace and hope for the coming year.

Friday, December 21, 2007

free dinner.........anyone interested?


Special request from LPC to contribute a post.

Anyway.......we had a free dinner in a restaurant in Kelana Jaya......feel free to guess which restaurant and also try your luck there as you might be able to 'win' a free dinner too.

Decided to try out the Shanghai Hairy crab aka tai jap hai so we headed to a restaurant in Kelana Jaya. First impression was not really overwhelming. We saw some aquariums filled will lobsters, prawns, crabs and fishes. Most of them were inactive....not really moving around and that turned my lady boss LPC off. Not exciting according to LPC.

The aquariums filled with inactive lobsters and fishes

Australian Lobster


After snaping a few pictures we proceded upstairs for our dinner. There were 4 of us so we ordered 4 dishes. Steam pak soo kong, crispy chicken, vegetable and 4 hairy crabs. The hairy crabs comes in 3 sizes termed by their prices, RM38, RM48 and RM58. We took the RM58 crab but it is not really big in size, much smaller than the normal meat crabs.

After 20 minutes, our first dish was served......the much awaited hairy crabs. But unlike its name, we found no hair on the crabs?? We were wondering bout the lost hair. After letting us 'examine' the crabs (well actually the waitress just placed the crabs on the table and went away for 5 minutes so I assume that we were suppose to 'examine' the crabs), she proceeded to dismatle the crabs............split the body into half and then cut off the legs. We were all armed with a pair of scissors each to cut the shells.

Tai Jap Hai (Before)

The process of dismantling

After the process's time to eat............actually I enjoyed the crabs was sweet and juicy. The yolk was fabulous. Too bad LPC didn't like it.....well I did not expect her to like it as she usually eats the claws and nothing else...........yolk is not her fav. I managed to coax her to finish it as it was expensive. We were all served a cup of ginger wine. I don't know what was the purpose but it tasted good.

Then we had to wait for 15 minutes before the other dishes arrived. Frankly speaking the other dishes were quite lousy and the service was super bad. After the meal, we asked for the bill. She came back in 10 minutes and said that someone already paid for the bill.....we looked at her with astonishment. We asked her again........and she said that the bill had been paid.

We are pretty sure that there won't be anyone who would pay for us but since she was affirmative so we left without thinking twice.

Last but not least.....thanks for the free meal of rm 350+.
You can try your luck there and win a free dinner but I am pretty sure that we won't be going back as the food sucks.

Monday, December 17, 2007



It's the third day now without water supply at my place. The water supply was disrupted since Saturday afternoon and till now it still hasn't been fixed. The situation is becoming worse now as a water truck was sent here to supply us with some clean water. At first we were told that the water supply would resume this afternoon but that did not realise. We were again told that the water supply would resume in midnight and I hope this will come true. I'll have to get up at 6am tomorrow just to go to Celebrity to take my shower before work...sigh. Dear God, please give us water!
People were queuing up for the lift. First time in my life that I saw the FULL indicator in the lift was lighted.

Another saddening picture.

Getting water from the water truck. Even kids have to help out to get the water.

Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant


Went to Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant at Kepong for dinner yesterday. This was our...hmm, lost count already, visits to this restaurant. Thanks to Chun Nee for recommending such a nice restaurant.

Sign-board found along LDP

Dear God, no more croissant please! No more baguette please! Give me something edible, please!

Happy him after finding out no croissant and baguette

Tid-bits - Peanuts (RM1.50)

Belacan Kangkung (RM7.00)

Man-tau (RM3.00)

Lala in superior soup (Rm10.00)

Shark fins soup (only RM9.00, don't expect it's real!)

Spicy and sour crab (RM18.00)