Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Please pray for me! many things are bothering me lately. Going to meet the bosses tomorrow. Don't know what kind of questions will they ask me. Don't know what will be discussed in the meeting. Augustin told me just now that he suggested to the bosses to let the new staff (I'm one of them) to expose to different areas so that we can choose what we like. I'm doing Basis now, I'm not sure whether I like it or not. But I was thinking, since I have started on with this path, I should just continue with this path. It's kinda of wasting time if I jump to different areas, although I might get the chance to know each area, but the knowledge that I will have might only be at the basic level. But that's not what I am wishing for. I wish to be good in the area that I'm working in, which means Basis. Besides that, since Augustin is a good senior and also "tutor", he's willing to teach me everything that I asked. If so happens that I changed to another area, there isn't anyone there to teach, then how? Guess...I've made up my mind, stick back to Basis and do as good as possible. Please pray for me. Please pray for my future. Please pray for the decision that I have made! Thanks.