Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wedding bells...not so soon!

Since we have just received the great news from Faye that she'll be tying the knot with her baybee Juvin next year, I've been asked by friends when is my turn. I'm going to announce here that there will not be any red bomb from me in near future, near future meaning in the next two years (unless accident happens, like I got rape (choi, touch wood) and get pregnant. LKC has to eat the "dead cat").
"Why" is the next question. That is because:-
  1. Everyone thinks that we're already married...ooppss, "unofficially" married to be exact. Just that we have not gone through ROM and the traditional ceremony. But don't ask angpow from me...coz I'm still unmarried ok!
  2. LKC no money...he can't afford to pay for my dream wedding YET. I don't like my wedding to be held at the Chinese restaurant, but for sure this can't be avoided. In order to give me my dream wedding cum the Chinese banquet, it's gonna burn a big hole in his pocket. So he will need more time to save the money.
  3. I'm too fat...I'm still on diet. I managed to lose 1.5kg since my diet started last month...but it has not been progressing much after that. I need to shed another 5kg, so it's my body that is not ready to get married yet...kekeke.
  4. There are more important things to do than getting married. Like what? Like vacation, yes I see the value of vacation greater than marriage.
  5. LKC cannot afford to pay for my living YET. My ambition is to be a full-time housewife (oopss, don't let my boss sees this). He needs to give me monthly allowance (at least what I'm getting now). The allowance is only for ME, MYSELF, OWN use only. Other household expenses including utilities bills, grocery, maid and etc he has to pay for it. PLUS at least 2 oversea trips a year.
I'm not cheap...LKC always says so. High maintenance is another phrase to describe. So, with the 5 reasons (or excuses) above, please do not ask us when is our wedding. We will announce when the time has come.

Thank you very much.
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


Chris said...

Wahaha! I had a good laugh reading this. In the office.

Btw, if you're fat, then that would make me morbidly obese! :P kekeke.

Happy Working! :P

Ray Titus Ong said...

wah lau eh...really high maintenance of luck 2 ur future hubby :D

Lumos Maxima said...

wah so high maintenance wan ah? LKC has to go buy toto!

Lisan said...

Chris - You look so handsome now compared to your IC photo. You have not wasted your effort working out at gym. Way to go!!

Ray - Thanks on behalf of my LKC

Ping - Bought liao...but never win. Wasted money only. He said he'll must go and buy lottery when we visit Australia next year. Maybe easier to strike there...kekeke

Ray Titus Ong said...

ur most he needs 2 belanja makan d :D

Anonymous said...

erm... Juvin can't fullfill some of my request too, does dat means I shudn't marry him 1st?? haha

Lisan said...

Faye: No comment

Lumos Maxima said...

australia one oso very hard to kena! i bought so many oredi! but then again, if kena, then kena VERY BIG because it'll be 2.4x!!

Lisan said...

Ping - I'm not too greedy...hmmm AU$10K enough already. Just nice enough to cover our Australia trip + buying some souvenirs...hahaha