Friday, December 19, 2008

Baking mood

I feel like baking. Feel like making cupcakes. I've not done it before but just feel happy seeing all the wonderful cupcakes posted on cuppacakes® by +wondermilk® . I should start learning earn extra income!!??'s the process of making it that I enjoy the most I guess. Looking at the end result will either make me feel disappointed/ satisfied.
I tried making the "sound-easy-to-make" Chocolate Corn Flakes few weeks ago. I thought melting the cooking chocolate was an easy task...I was wrong. I'm not going to explain how to melt the cook as you can find the tips from the Google. I only got the correct method after my 3rd attempt. Anyway, it was really a nice try and I did enjoy myself.Anyone wanna buy me this book as Christmas gift? I promise to bake the cupcakes for you if you buy me the book. LKC can't be my Santa for this gift coz he doesn't like cupcakes :(
I promise to bake you the cupcakes on your birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby's full month, baby's birthday and etc.

p/s: I'm broke this month, just bought a photography book that costs RM120 from Kinokuniya yesterday and I'm eyeing on a Lonely Planet book, which also costs RM120. I need someone to sponsor me.

p/p/s: I think now it's the most suitable time for you to buy the books now. Coz it's close to the end of 2008 Income Tax year. Purchase of books will allow you to have tax deductions up to RM700...kekek suddenly so tax savvy. Thanks to the Finance Manager who just sent out the email yesterday. So buy me the book to maximise your tax deductions. Thank you!!
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


Ray Titus Ong said...

i think u have yet 2 purchase books up 2 RM700 yet rite? so u should need 2 get urself a total of RM700 why not buy more? :P

Lisan said...

Don't want to friend with you liao.
My salary so's not in the tax bracket point I get the tax deduction...

Ray Titus Ong said...

oh? is that so? not wat i heard wor.. ur salary too high till not required 4 d tax rebate rite?

Angie Tan said...

Mmmm... cupcakes.. :-)

Which photography book you got? Don't tell me you got the one from Scott Kelby? I'm also looking for a photography book since I'm such a newbie. :P

BTW, Merry Christmas!

Lisan said...

Angie - I got David Busch's Nikon D60 Guide to DSLR Photography. Need to understand my own camera first before anything else I guess.