Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Italiannies @ 1-Utama

This was the second time we visited Italiannies, the first time was at The Curve branch. It was more than a year since our first visit. The reason why it took us so long to return to this restaurant was because the food there was expensive. A bowl of pasta cost more than RM35, if I'm not mistaken, though the portion was huge. I will never pay so much for a bowl of pasta honestly. Most of the time, I will prepare the spaghetti myself with the ready-made bolognese sauce and lots of minced beef. A bowl of spaghetti bolognese of RM35 enough for me to prepare for at lest 3 meals of my home-made spaghetti...hehehe.
Anyway, people at the Italiannies came out with a very brilliant idea lately. Instead of forcing you selecting only one choice of your favourite pasta, you may pick four of ten pastas to be in your bowl. I'm a carbonara person while LKC is a bolognese person. We always ended up ordering only either carbonara or bolognese as we will never finish two bowls of pastas...considering the amount of cheese in each bowl...OMG, so jelat.
The complimentary starter while waiting for your main course to be served. The bread was served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar combination. At first, we were very surprised to see the waiter pouring the olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the plate when the bread was served. OK, maybe we were too "suah gu", not so used to having Italian cuisine. We were unsure what was the purpose of this olive oil + balsamic vinegar. For us to dip with the bread? Or to be poured into our pasta? It tasted weird the first time I dipped the bread into the olive oil + balsamic vinegar, but after a few dips, I actually enjoyed this weird taste.
Clock wise from top right: Angel Hair Promodoro, Chicken Lasagne, Chicken and Mushroom, Classic Carbonara
Moving on, this is the bowl of pasta that I mentioned earlier. There are actually 10 types of pasta to choose from. There are Fussily Pesto and Mushrooms, Chicken Coronation, Salmon and Lemon Aioli, Angel Hair Promodoro, Shrimp Linguine, Chili Shrimp, Clams and Beef Bacon, Chicken and Mushroom, Classic Carbonara and Chicken Lasagne. You'll get full easily though the each bowl of pasta looks small. I guess one of the reason was due to the amount of cheese. It's only RM29.90 for these bowls of pasta, which was quite worth the money I think. My favourite of all, still have to be the Classic Carbonara. The chicken lasagne was too cheesy to my liking. The Angel Hair Promodoro was quite special as this was the first time I had angel hair pasta. It's similar to spaghetti, just that it's thinner and the tomato sauce used was a bit sourish. Just nice to neutralize our jelat. As for the Chicken and Mushroom, it tasted more like the normal aglio olio but with chicken and mushroom of course.
I forgot the name of this dish...something something clams :p as well as the price. The way they prepared the clams was similar to the Chinese "siong tong lala". The soup base was a bit too salty to my liking but I still drank quite a lot of it. You know...the love and hate kinda feeling?



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Angie Tan said...


It's been a while since I've been to Italiannies as the price wasn't right. :P

I like italian food and I happened to know a couple of places where the food is fantastic, run by a real Italian gwai loh. I just hope that the place is still there when I go there tomorrow. :P

Lisan said...

Remember to blog about it and the most important is to find out whether the quality of the food is still good :p