Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye Bye 2008, Hello 2009

It's the final day of the year 2008. It's time to reminiscence and it's also time to set new resolutions and new goals for the coming year.
There had been ups and downs in our relationship, we argued more than before. Through these arguments, we got to learn more from each other; understanding each other better. Our relationship is still keeping strong and it's still growing everyday. I'm blessed with all the promises that he made (though some are empty promises); all the goals that he tried to achieve; all the sacrifice that he made just to provide me better life; and the most important is showering me with unlimited love since the day one we started the relationship. My attitude has never been good; bad tempered; complaining more than praising and yet he is still always there for me. He tried and is still trying to make me a happy girl everyday.
In year 2009, we'll be going to step into another stage of no, we're not getting married yet. We'll be moving in to our new home, our home sweet home. It's gonna be a new challenge for us with the economy crisis and the loan installment coming hand-in-hand. I pray that we can go through all these together and starting our new life; planning our future in this little place that we called home, a place that is truly owned by us.
We have not been meeting each other as often as before. Everyone is busy with their own circle of life, but still we tried to make time for each others whenever possible. A friend who I had not been contacting for quite some time for the past few years, has turned to become closer lately. Another friend, the one that everyone thought we're the BFF has been missing from the photos I captured lately. Friends come and go.
As we're aging, more and more friends around us are starting a new chapter in their life that is called MARRIAGE. I'm glad to see friends are tying the knots with the person that they called the one in their life. Here is a blessing from me to the newly wed friends as well as the bride/ groom to be. Wishing you guys/ gals live happily ever after just like any of the fairytale stories that our mums used to tell us.
Dad has been trying and is still trying to compensate us with the lost that he caused for past 20 over years. The value of the family is becoming more important to him. He told mum that friends had been teasing him for just staying in a small little house, which we've been staying for 20 years, when he decided to buy the house next door.
In our heart, we know that he just wanted us to have a more comfortable life. He thinks of the future though he is already 62 years old now. The house is never enough when the little monster cid-cey-ceow is growing everyday and it's so fast that she is going to kindergarden in the next few days. Dad wants her to have more space to keep her toys, bags and clothes; more space for her to hide whenever we play hide and seek; more space for her to run, cycle and move around.
I'm praying that everyone is staying healthy and happy in the years to come. Hoping that everything goes on smoothly in the family and will try to make time to go home as often as possible.

Happy New Year to all!
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


Ray Titus Ong said...

Hopefully 2009 would leave a more sweet and better memory 4 u...

Happy New Year 2009! May d Year of d OX brings u fortune, beauty, happiness & youthfulness!

Anonymous said...

happy new year!!