Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

The organizer of the day is none other than, Mr. Soo. He did a very good job in organizing the event (two thumbs up). Soo, we now announce you as the newly appointed organizer for all our upcoming events ya!
The guest list:-
Soo + Pei
Ming + Handy
Ryan + Pei Pei
Newton + gf + friend
Hock Chuen + Kitty (sorry forgot to take his photo)
Last but not least, LKC and LPC. I didn't manage to capture a lot of photos as they all were too shy to take photos. Maybe they were scared by my D60.
We had our dinner at Kizuna Japanese Restaurant. I didn't know what we had for the dinner as we ordered too many food, from sushi to sashimi, from udon to bento and many many more. The bill came up to approxiamately RM500 (around RM40 per person, which was quite reasonable judging by the variety of food that we had).
After the dinner, we headed to Voodoo for second-round. We started off my ordering 10 buckets of Carlsberg and played the dice game, 7-8-9, where the guys especially LKC, Ming and Soo learnt from somewhere (3 of you should know better than anyone). Potateoh + Flora, Newton's guy + girl friend joined us for the drinking session as well.
The rule of the game is, you are given 2 dices and are required to toss the dice. If you get 1 on both the dices, you'll get to choose who to drink the beer. If you get a total of 7 on both dices, you'll get to add more beer to the glass. If you get a total of 8 on both dices, you'll have to drink half of the beer in the glass. If you get a total of 9 on both dices, you'll have to drink all the beer in the glass. If you manage to toss 3 times 7 or 8 or 9 consecutively, you'll have to drink a whole bottle of beer. And also if the dices fall outside of the glass, you'll have to drink a whole bottle of beer as well.
Peace to my punishment
Still sober
I was one of the unlucky one as the dice fell out of the glass for two times and had to finish the bottles right away. Ming was the target of the night as whoever got the double one, he would be the target to drink the beer. Flora and Pei Pei were very bad luck too. They always got 8 or 9 everytime they threw the dices. But lucky they have Potateoh and Ryan respectively to help them to finish up the beer. Soo was the first one to K.O, followed by Bro 10 (not too sure he was drunk or what, but he just got MIA).
Newton playing cheat by pouring his beer to someone
We ordered another 10 buckets of beers and only managed to finish 8 buckets of it. Towards the end, only left Ming, LKC, myself, Newton's guy and girl friends, Hock Chuen and Kitty were still playing. The rest of the gang already K.O and sleeping on the sofa. I shouted 7,8,9 for close to 3 hours and I'm having sore-throat right now. It was a crazy night. Both LKC and myself were drunk too.
Me: Do you want to marry me?
LKC: Yes, I do.
Me: Yeah, LKC set on my trap.
LKC: Sigh, kena again this time.
Both already drunk
Ming: Come on you two, listen to my singing.
LKC: Oh no, I'm having bad headache. Please stop it, Ming.
Me: Yerrr...please. I'm not going to listen to your singing.

P/s: They are at the Voodoo again tonight to finish up the 2 buckets of left over. I'm not joining them as I'm having bad sore throat, not going to scream my lung out again. I noticed that I'm too old for clubbing nowadays. It was a torture for me after getting drunk. I'm totally opposite than anyone else I know. I stay awake one whole night when I'm drunk. My mind just spinning round and round, and that makes me wanna puke. It takes me one whole day of sleep the next day for recovery. time I shall just order orange juice.
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


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Just drop by to wish you an awesome new year and may 2009 brings you lots of goodies and wishes! . . .from us both Sunny & Sidney