Monday, December 08, 2008

I was transferring photos I took from my old Casio camera, which has been left untouched for the past 1 months, last used was on Soo's wedding. Was browsing through the photos and actually found out that there were so many restaurant reviews I have yet to blog about. I was too lazy to transfer the photos to the laptop. I was too lazy to upload the photos to the Internet. I was too lazy to edit the uploaded photos. I was too lazy to open the blogger page and talk about it. OMG, I'm such a lazy person.
Actually, there are few restaurants that I would like to share with everyone here. Here is the list:-
  • Fireman BBQ Restaurant @ The Curve
  • Ichiban Ramen @ 1-Utama
  • Italliannies @ 1-Utama
  • Kluang Station @ 1-Utama
  • Roadhouse Grill @ Jalan Ampang
  • Sengjyu Sushi and Sakae Izakaya @ Cineleisure Damansara
  • Thai Thai Thai Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid
  • Jin Shan Cheng @ Sunway Mentari
  • Wendy's @ Sunway Pyramid
Looking at the list above, it's not actually "few"...quite a lot huh!!?? Will try to upload these photos asap and start writing. Maybe I should set it as something to be done before 2008 ends? Oh yes, talking about 2008. It's the final month of 2008, 2009 is coming soon. Have you achieved what you want? What will be your resolution for year 2009?
There will always be happy and as well as sad moments. Talking about welcoming year 2009, I actually kinda miss my year 2008. I'm welcoming 2009 but I don't want 2008 to leave. Do you have this kind of feeling? It's something like you have left Malaysia for sometime and you are about to come home. You feel hard to leave the place you have been staying but at the same time happy to know that you will be coming home soon. I'm having this kind of feeling right now. Happy yet sad...aiii, so miserable.
I shall dedicate a post to my year 2008 which left too much of happy moments in my life. Suddenly feel so emotional now. Better stop now and go zzz. Good night everyone!
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


Anonymous said...

damn right... get back to food blogging or i will remove you from my blog links!