Monday, December 31, 2007

Specially for LKC

This post is specially dedicated to my dearest LKC. Thanks for the shower of caring throughout my sick and hospitalised days. You woke up every 4 hours to wake me up to take the medication. You made sure that I was alright and encouraged me with supportive words so that I could go through the hard time. You made some funny jokes to make me laugh even though deep down in your heart you were very worried about me. You felt guilty for bringing me to Puchong on the other night when the doctor suspected dengue fever. You showered me with caring and supports throughout my stay in the hospital. You made sure that mum was not worried about my condition by keeping her updated. You were very tired but still woke up very often to make sure that I was fine.

I feel loved and save to have you by my side all these while. You are my man! I love you heaps!

P/s:'s time to wake up liao. Time to cook for the dinner lor.


Jess said...

Wao~ U really got a very NICE & CARING bf...LUCKY u!