Saturday, December 15, 2007

1 day left

Yes! Just 1 day left before LKC arriving Malaysia. What will we doing at this hour tomorrow? Hmm...I wonder. X'mas is just around the corner. LKC has been a very good boy this year. It's time to reward him so that he will be motivated to be even better next year and the years to come...hehehe. I'm expecting 1, 2, 3, 4 or maybe 5 presents from him. Hohoho...Santa Clause is coming to town...

I'm not a good LPC anyway. I didn't get him that much of presents, but still managed to get him 2 presents. He already knew one of it. And the other one...he hasn't know about it. It's a surprise!!

The Mini Solar Monkey

Isn't it cute? LKC wanted the smiley face enjoying at the bath tub, but too bad they have already sold out. So as a replacement, I've got him this Hawaiian monkey. Even mum found it cute, so I bought another for mum. Well actually, it's not really for mum. Mum wanted to impress cid-cey-ceow, so ended up I was paying for it.

Arsenal Nike Fit Dry

This is the surprise. I was walking around KLCC after work yesterday searching for something to buy for LKC. Walked here and there, didn't manage to find anything that LKC likes. The only two things that LKC likes are FOOD and ARSENAL. I can't buy him food as he doesn't like to eat snacks. He prefers a proper meal instead. While walking around, my mind was trying to do some linkages between here and there. LKC --> Arsenal --> Jersey --> Nike. Ok cool, so I went up to the Nike shop where I bought my Nike Fit Dry Pants.

When I first dated LKC almost 6 years ago, he told me that he always wanted an official Arsenal jersey. That time both of us were still studying, where got money to pay RM200+ to buy a jersey. When we have started working, LKC told me that he doesn't wish for it anymore knowing that we're able to pay for it now. So instead of getting him a jersey, I've got him this Arsenal Nike Fit Dry. Hopefully he likes it every much.

P/s: Don't worry, LKC will not be online until he arrives in Malaysia. He won't be able to know this existence of this entry. Even if he reads this before he comes home, I've hide it somewhere. Put some effort to find it, ok? I love you.


Anonymous said...

such a coincidence oh! hehe Juvin hinted this arsenal jersey many many times liao & I wanted to get him the white colour one BUT its sold out for the time being :( they only have red & this blue one is hard to get too! any ideas where to get the white one?? hopefully before 25th I can get it argh!!