Thursday, December 27, 2007

John King Egg Tart

Guess there is nothing much I can talk about nowadays since LKC is back. The only thing that I can blog about lately should be makan, makan and makan...nothing else. I was working on the Christmas day and finished work at around 4pm. LKC picked me up from KL Sentral and headed to Pavillion KL for our Christmas dating.

I was quite hungry when we arrived at Pavillion so was walking around to find something to satisfy my hunger. I had already tried the JCo Donuts and I have already given up by just looking at the queue. There is this entry in KYSpeaks that talks about the John King Egg Tart at Pavillion so we decided to give it a try. The queue at the John King stall was long too but not as long as JCo of course.

If you are a TVB fan, I'm sure you will always see a scene whereby someone will buy a box of egg tarts from some char chan ten (Hong Kong style cafe) when visiting someone and tell them "ngam ngam chut lou geh san sin guan yit lat tan tart" (just baked, still fresh and hot egg tarts). As for the lou phor peng, Ah Wong was the inventor of lou phor peng in the TVB series "Square Pegs".

There have around 6 flavours for the egg tarts like original, corn, durian, custard, green tea and red beans. People always say that original is always the best and looking at the different "weird" flavours that they have, we decided to try on the original flavour. The original egg tart costs RM1.60 each while the 'weird' flavours cost RM2.00 each, if I'm not mistaken. We also bought a box of lou phor peng, costs RM5.50 for 4 pieces. Other than that, they also serve chicken pie and siew pau.

The original egg tart

I'm not a big fan of egg tart, but I would still have it even though I don't eat egg (yolk to be more specified) at all. I found that this egg tart...don't get didn't taste super good. In fact, I found that it wasn't tasty at all.

Maybe I put too high of expectation on it...if you can read Chinese, they named themselves as 香港蛋塔王 (Hong Kong Tan Tart Wong - King of Egg Tart) somemore since 1965. The egg tart is tasteless and the crust is...tasteless also. I feel that the egg tart that my mum bought from the market, which only costs RM0.60 is even nicer than that.

Lou phor peng

As for the lou phor peng, I only had a bite of it and came to a conclusion that it is not nice as well. Maybe this is a more health conscious food stall, whereby they try to put less sugar and less oil in their food until all the food become so tasteless.


Anonymous said...

I agree that the tart are over rated. Funny thing about this company I have been hong kong very often. I have not heard about this company before. Everyone knows about Tai Cheong bakery famous egg tart in Hong Kong Island but I have not yet heard about JK. I find the Tong Kee much better. ALF