Friday, January 11, 2008

Me, a desperado?

Since yesterday a public holiday for both LKC and myself, we decided to go jalan-jalan at 1-Utama to do some CNY shopping. As always, I'm a very kay-poh girl. Whenever there is a roadshow, for sure I will drop by to have a look. There is this roadshow by Love Vision Bridal House at the lower ground floor and I had a glimpse on their photo album while coming down from the escalator at the Hang Ten there and it looked quite attractive to me.

At first, I was walking towards the photo album with LKC and this sales representative came over to have a chat with us, with me basically. After a while, LKC walked away to get some drinks. I was still standing at their booth there and browsing through the photo album. Just pretending that I was interested to find out more about the packages that they offer, I asked about their offer and what is included in the package. Before I had more time to flip through the album, there was another sales representative came over. Still pretending that I was very interested to find out more, I asked about the photos in the album, whether it was taken indoor or outdoor, how many pieces of gowns are included, make-up, the price...blah blah blah.

Then this 2nd sales representative told me to have a sit in order to discuss further. I knew I couldn't escape if I were to sit down there. So I told them that my boyfriend had just walked away. I need to get him here to discuss together. Then this 2nd sales representative was so shocked. She said..."Har...your boyfriend walks away when he sees you looking at the photo album arr!!??"

WTF...she sounded like I'm so desperate to get married until the boyfriend also afraid already... upset...upset...upset!!!