Monday, December 17, 2007


It's the third day now without water supply at my place. The water supply was disrupted since Saturday afternoon and till now it still hasn't been fixed. The situation is becoming worse now as a water truck was sent here to supply us with some clean water. At first we were told that the water supply would resume this afternoon but that did not realise. We were again told that the water supply would resume in midnight and I hope this will come true. I'll have to get up at 6am tomorrow just to go to Celebrity to take my shower before work...sigh. Dear God, please give us water!
People were queuing up for the lift. First time in my life that I saw the FULL indicator in the lift was lighted.

Another saddening picture.

Getting water from the water truck. Even kids have to help out to get the water.


Anonymous said...

but my condo got water wor these few days but I was told whole selangor no water supply?? hmm...