Monday, December 31, 2007


Many of you knew that I was sick on last weekend as I had to cancel all the plans that I had planned for the weekend. Was supposed to go to Klang with Chun Nee to visit Fei Pin on Friday night but had to cancel it as I was suddenly attacked by high fever, which went up to 39°C. I left the office at around 10.30am and headed to the clinic opposite my place. The doctor prescribed some panadols, antibiotics and pain killers medicine. I took the medicines almost every 4 hours and thought that it was just some normal fever.

On the very next morning, I started to feel very cold even though I was wearing a jacket and covered by 2 blankets. My whole body was very aching and that was when the fever started again. I took the medicine every 4 hours again and managed to control the fever. At one time, I did not take panadol after 4 hours, I started to get the fever again.

This made LKC very worried as the doctor told me to monitor myself for the next 48hours as it might be dengue fever. LKC brought me to visit the doctor again at 9 something on Saturday night and the doctor suggested to take a blood test. So he took some blood sample and sent it to the lab. I had to pay RM85 to send the blood sample to the Gribbles as the ING card that I have only cover blood test during office hour. So I will have to wait until Monday if I want it to be covered by ING. LKC said better not waiting and agreed to pay RM85 for the blood test.

Early Sunday morning, the fever did not subside. LKC called to the clinic to find out the test result. Thank God, it was not dengue positive. The report shows that the white blood cells count was high, which means that it was bacteria infection. LKC brought me to the clinic again as my situation became worse, I was still having fever even after taking the medicine. At the clinic, I told the doctor that I want faster recovery and I don't want to take any more medicines as it made me really blur. So the doctor gave me an antibiotics injection and told me that I should be fine.

My nightmare began after taking the injection, my body started to reject any liquid intake and I kept vomiting even with little slip of water to quench my thirst. My fever became higher again and LKC was so worried. He called the doctor again and the doctor suggested to pay him a visit again. When I arrived at the clinic again (in less than 2 hours), the doctor checked on my temperature and suggested me to go to the hospital. He prepared a referral letter together with the blood test report.

My "dog" tag

LKC quickly drove me to Damansara Specialist Hospital at TTDI and dropped me at the A&E ward. Upon arriving at the A&E, the nurse checked on my temperature, blood pressure and some "history" of my sickness. After that, I was checked by a GP and went through the "history" again with me and suggested that I should be hospitalised. I was put on drip and it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo painful. I cried when the nurse tried to poke the plastic tube to my hand. I was too afraid to take anymore injection because the antibiotic injection that the doctor poked on my butt earlier was super painful and not to forget the blood test. I didn't have any choice as I had to be on drip and that's the only way.

Then the nurse injected me with another medication that could stop my vomiting and asked me to take some panadols. I was lying at the A&E for almost half an hour while waiting for the ward arrangement. After sending me to the ward, I was too tired and dozed off. LKC took the opportunity to go home to take his shower, packed some necessities like food, drinks, laptop (to watch movie), my pillow and some books to kill off our time. The doctor paid me a visit at around 4 something and checked on my condition. He spent less than 5 minutes talking to me and checking on my throat.

The plastic tube poked on hand

Throughout my hospitalization, I had 4 injections of antibiotics, 1 blood test (again, this morning), 1 injection of the medicine that stopped the vomiting, 1 injection of flush, 3 bags of the sodium/ glucose water, had infinity times of diarrhea. Yes I had to bring the drip up and down whenever I needed to go to toilet.

My lunch, dinner and breakfast for yesterday and today

After removing the drip
I was prescribed with some medicines to bring home like panadols, antibiotics, diarrhea pills and a bottle of syrup to gargle.

The antibiotics

The syrup to gargle

The diarrhea pills and panadols
The total bill came up to RM1500++ for 1 night of hospitalization, medicines and the consultations. Thank God I have the ING medical card brought my the company. I'm given 2 days of medical leave and shall report back to work on Thursday.

I was discharged on this afternoon and is fine now. I just need to gain back my appetite and no countdown for me tonight. *sob* *sob*


K@t3 said...

Sorry to hear that you are sick.. hope you'll recover soon yeah! Hugggs!

Survon said...

wow...this absolutely sounded serious.

Get well soon, dear.

sabsab said...

drink more fluids and eat more fruits!
take care & rest well okay! *hugz*

Lisan said...

Thank you! I'm feeling much better now.

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