Monday, December 03, 2007

Gadget...wishing list

Christmas is just around the corner. What will you think of when it comes to Christmas? None other than gift exchange. LKC, since I have already bought a present for you. Don't ask me, I am not going to tell you what I have got for you. I know you always run out of idea of what to buy for me. So, to make your job easier, I've listed down the gadgets that I would like to get...either one will be good enough. But if you can afford to get both, then it will be better. Here you go...
Sony Walkman Video and MP3 player

You know, it's quite boring while waiting for the LRT to arrive. Look at the picture above, isn't it the most lovely walkman ever designed? It's white in colour, you know I love white so much right? Only RM599 for 2GB or RM799 for 4GB.

Nintendo Wii
You knew it also that I always wanted to get this. Everytime we passed by the shop at 1-U, for sure I will look in to the shop and we even went in to the shop few times just to check out the price.

Please....I've been a good girl this year. Please make my wishes come true!!


K@t3 said...

I'm sure your "Santa" will grant your wish! ;)

Chris said...

Bah! iPod rules!

Lisan said...

Kate: Finger-crossed!

Chris: Ya ler...ya ler..your iPod is the best!! :p