Friday, December 21, 2007

free dinner.........anyone interested?

Special request from LPC to contribute a post.

Anyway.......we had a free dinner in a restaurant in Kelana Jaya......feel free to guess which restaurant and also try your luck there as you might be able to 'win' a free dinner too.

Decided to try out the Shanghai Hairy crab aka tai jap hai so we headed to a restaurant in Kelana Jaya. First impression was not really overwhelming. We saw some aquariums filled will lobsters, prawns, crabs and fishes. Most of them were inactive....not really moving around and that turned my lady boss LPC off. Not exciting according to LPC.

The aquariums filled with inactive lobsters and fishes

Australian Lobster


After snaping a few pictures we proceded upstairs for our dinner. There were 4 of us so we ordered 4 dishes. Steam pak soo kong, crispy chicken, vegetable and 4 hairy crabs. The hairy crabs comes in 3 sizes termed by their prices, RM38, RM48 and RM58. We took the RM58 crab but it is not really big in size, much smaller than the normal meat crabs.

After 20 minutes, our first dish was served......the much awaited hairy crabs. But unlike its name, we found no hair on the crabs?? We were wondering bout the lost hair. After letting us 'examine' the crabs (well actually the waitress just placed the crabs on the table and went away for 5 minutes so I assume that we were suppose to 'examine' the crabs), she proceeded to dismatle the crabs............split the body into half and then cut off the legs. We were all armed with a pair of scissors each to cut the shells.

Tai Jap Hai (Before)

The process of dismantling

After the process's time to eat............actually I enjoyed the crabs was sweet and juicy. The yolk was fabulous. Too bad LPC didn't like it.....well I did not expect her to like it as she usually eats the claws and nothing else...........yolk is not her fav. I managed to coax her to finish it as it was expensive. We were all served a cup of ginger wine. I don't know what was the purpose but it tasted good.

Then we had to wait for 15 minutes before the other dishes arrived. Frankly speaking the other dishes were quite lousy and the service was super bad. After the meal, we asked for the bill. She came back in 10 minutes and said that someone already paid for the bill.....we looked at her with astonishment. We asked her again........and she said that the bill had been paid.

We are pretty sure that there won't be anyone who would pay for us but since she was affirmative so we left without thinking twice.

Last but not least.....thanks for the free meal of rm 350+.
You can try your luck there and win a free dinner but I am pretty sure that we won't be going back as the food sucks.