Monday, December 17, 2007

My Santa Claus is back to town

Christmas seems to have arrived early this year. I've received tonnes of presents from my beloved Santa Claus aka LKC. He had safely arrived and brought home my presents yesterday morning. As I have mentioned in my previously entry, I was expecting around 5 presents from LKC. To my surprise, he actually bought me more than what I expected.

No.1 - Miniature Eiffel Tower (Brass)

N0.2 - The Mascot, Paris

N0.3 - Vienna Bear, Euro 2008

N0.4 - Key chains

No.5 - Coca-cola, French's Christmas edition

N0.6 - Mozart Musical Box

N0.7 - Disco Light Eiffel Tower

N0.8 - Burberry Handbag

N0.9 - Chocolate Hanner from Austria

N0. 10 - The Neuhaus Collection - Dark, Milk & White

Isn't him the sweetest bf ever? Perfect 10.


Anonymous said...

wah... so sweet. so many towerss ler & the burberry vry nice!