Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Shopping Day happy happy happy!!! Finally got myself a pair of Nike Fit Dry pants. So happy! Happy! Happy! Though RM119 credited to my credit card bill for this month, but still I'm so happy! Just love this pants so much! It's so comfortable. ..already wore it for my class just now. I also bought a pair of Nike socks. Another RM15.90 credited to the bill. Since I have a pair of pants, a new pair of socks, so why not buy somemore? I bought a piece of polo tee, don't know what brand lah, from Isetan. RM20 colour one and it looks quite funky. Wore the pants, the socks as well as the polo tee already just now. So happy! Everything is new. From head to toe. Even the rubber-band to tie my hair, the hair clip to clip my fringe are new also.
My Nike Fit Dry pants

Sigh, actually there is a story behind. The clumsy me forgot to bring my gym back out this morning. Wanted to go to gym so desperately today but lazy to go home to take the bag. That is why ended up buying the pants, the socks, the clothes, the hair band and also the hair clip. In less than 2 hours, RM200 just gone! Anyway, I'm still very happy! Thank God I always put my sport shoes in my car, else I would have bought a new pair of sport shoes.


sabsab said...

wahh! just bcoz u forgot and u r lazy to go home & take your gym bag.. u went shopping and then instantly wear them?!!! so "kaya" leh!!! if me, i'd skip gym for that day lor..

Anonymous said...

hmm..why evryone so nice ar! get to shoppe shoppe shoppe! ish
anyway... my blog add changed to *winks*

Lisan said...

Sab: Too stress in work. Need to de-stress by working out at the gym and also SHOPPING!!

Faye: You owe RM100 for advertising your blog here. Hehehe