Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Arghh...I'm a lazy pig. I'm so lazy to update my blog. LKC has been complaining on my lack of blogging. I'm so lazy to blog about my Taiwan trip during the weekend. Weekend was not as boring as I was expecting. Went to Shah Alam to collect my parcel in Pos Laju and then went to Klang to look for Cheng Ghee for lunch. After that headed to Tesco to get my groceries for this week. I'm so broke. Normally LKC was the one who paid for all the groceries and my duty is to cook/ eat/ finish up the groceries, but not for this time. Sigh...LKC quickly come back!!
On Sunday, went to 1-Utama with sis for shopping. Wanted to buy the pair of heels that I saw at Vincci, Klang. Found both the Vincci outlets in both the old wing and new wing, but didn't manage to find it. Sis managed to buy 2 pairs of heels, which I feel that it's so expensive.
LKC, honestly, there is nothing much for me to blog on. Whatever things that happened to me on that day, I have already told you in our chats. Nothing to blog on lah.
Meanwhile, check out here, here, here, here and here for the photos of my Taiwan trip. Enjoy!