Saturday, November 24, 2007

The killing stops when the eating stops

Was reading someone's post on the "glamorous" meal that she had few days ago. Saw the photos that she took for her favourite shark fin. That reminds me of the conversation that I had with my colleague few days back during the lunch time. We were talking about something, and somehow the shark fin just came into our conversation.

I like the phrase that Jacky (my colleague) mentioned. He said, "The killing stops when the eating stops". This again reminds me of one forwarded email that I received long long time ago about the cruelty of "finning" of sharks for shark fin soup. The images show the inhumane way that people cut the fin, and how they drop the shark who is still alive back to the water to bleed to death and sink to the bottom of the ocean. Have you ever thought how many sharks were killed to serve the 50 tables in a wedding banquet? Hell a lot!!

Was googling for the shark fin images but I just can't help to feel so sorry for the way they cut the fins. It is just too cruel. Wanted to upload those photos to this post but I think I will definitely feel uneasy everytime I visit my own blog.

A lot of efforts have been made to save the sharks but consumptions reduced by not much. I guess the only way that we can really save the sharks is to stop eating the shark fins. When the demand for shark fin drops, the supply drops as well (applying my economic knowledge that I learnt during my college days).

P/S: This is just my personal post. Not trying to offend anyone at anytime.


Jessliew said...

Totally agreed your POV! What's so special about sharkfin btw?

Anonymous said...

ouch.... :(
felt so guilty liao
but evry chor 1 & 15 Im eating vege liao. is dis okay?? hehehe
sorry ar shark shark