Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ole-Ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid

On my first day reporting to work at the new office, LKC dropped me at the Kelana Jaya LRT station to take LRT to KLCC. It wasn't a great experience to take LRT to work in the morning of a working day, especially after 5 years never took LRT. I was really surprised to see Malaysians actually queued up to board the train. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Being a blur sotong, I just followed the queue, but wondering is there a limit of how many people can go in to the train at one time. I just looked around and followed the queue next to me hoping that I never "break" the "rules". I almost suffocated myself in the train but my colleague said that I was still lucky because it was in the morning. I asked..."Har...evening got more people??!! "No...because all the body odour will be out by then", he said.

After work, LKC picked me up again from the LRT station (so enjoyable, got "drebar" driving around, hehehe). We went to Sunway Pyramid. It has been quite some time since the last time I visited Sunway Pyramid. Been hearing the Pyramid 2 since its opening. Walked around the mall to find something special to eat for our dinner. Most of the restaurants that you can find in 1-Utama can be found in Pyramid 2. We went to Ole-Ole Bali Restaurant since we had never tried Balinese meal before.
Was googling for this restaurant, but couldn't find its official site, guess they don't have one yet. Managed to find some blogs featuring this restaurant. Got to find out that the owner of this Ole-Ole Bali restaurant is the same owner of the Bumbu Bali Restaurant in Puchong.

It is a very good environment for dinner and also to hang out with friends. The walls are decorated with some paintings of Buddha. Very Balinese environment with soft music playing at the background. We ordered Nasi Campur, BBQ chicken wings, garlic bread and a jug of barley lime.
Barley Lime

A jug of barley lime only costs RM15, can be refillable up to 4 glasses. It's a nice drink to quench your thirst after eating the all the hot and spicy food.

Nasi campur

For main course, we ordered Nasi Campur. The rice is like our nasi lemak (coconut milk rice) was served with grilled fish, sambal sotong, rendang beef, some don't know what vegie, lemon grass wrapped with some meat (something like otak-otak), bbq prawns, keropok and some chillies sauce and fried-onion oil. The platter costs RM30, which is quite worth for the money. Enough to be shared for 2 persons if you are planning to order some other side dishes.

BBQ Chicken Wings

Besides the main course, we ordered bbq chicken wings as our side dish. The bbq chicken wings were served with fried potatoes and the same chillies sauce. Not sure how much it was cost, should be less than RM20. It's a different kind of taste than the bbq chicken wings that we normally can find in the western food menu.

Garlic Bread

LKC is a garlic bread lover. Whenever he sees garlic bread on the menu, he will definitely order garlic bread without a miss. By the way, what is garlic bread to do with Balinese meal? Hmmm...??

Overall, the food was very nice and the price was quite reasonable for the quality of food and the environment. Two thumbs up!! Worth returning if you enjoy Balinese meal and would like to try other food on the menu.


Survon said...

Eh, what bout the taiwan trip post??

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