Thursday, November 29, 2007

5 reasons

Remember my previous post, 5 reasons why I CAN'T wait for LKC to be home? (Forgot? Refer to here!). Here is the Part II for the previous entry.

5 reasons why I CAN wait for LKC to be home...

  1. Not a good experience to go shopping/ dinner alone? I can always find friends to go shopping and have dinner with me. Since I just got to know that Sabrina will not go out dating with her deardear everyday, and she'll ta-pau or cook maggi mee at home, I can always look for her and other gal friends.
  2. No one to pay for my groceries? No big deal, I can choose not to eat for dinner. Just drink Milo with cornflakes (yes, I know it's for breakfast, but who cares?). Can ask mama to buy Milo and cornflakes for me. Can even ask mama to buy other food as well.
  3. No one to talk to while driving? Can call mama and also talk to cid-cey-ceow (though most of the time she'll be repeating the same words again and again, or just keeping quiet). Worse comes to worse, turn on the radio loudly and sing along!
  4. No "drebar" to drive back to Ipoh? No problem...can follow Ah Girl's car (my cousin) to go back to Ipoh. Even better, can save money. No need to pay for petrol and toll. And can go back to Ipoh to play with cid-cey-ceow every fortnight. Kill "many" birds with one stone.
  5. My Coach handbag? Since you have given me so many T&C even before I go in to the Coach store, feel "sien" already ler. No mood to buy liao. Told me cannot be more than RM1500 lah, cursed me "cannot buy in Malaysia" lah, asked me to stand outside and peep then run to check out whether got stock or not lah, don't allow me to mention about LV and Gucci lah, asked me to go to Petaling Street to buy Ah Cheong brand lah...aiii, where still got mood to wait for you to be home ler. You stay in France forever ler...don't come back better. Upset with you liao...sien lerr
Do you all agree with me? Why want to wait for him to be home ler? Treat me no good.


sabsab said...

wei~ dun la make me sounds like so pathetic liddat.. eat maggi mee at home only.. sigh! :(

actually, not that my deardear don't wanna go dating everyday.. in fact, i was the one who suggested that we shouldn't meet everyday.. coz it will waste his mum's cooking effort.

see?? he is a good boyfren.. and i am a good girlfren too!!! hehe..

Lisan said... sorry. Didn't really mean that. Anyway, it's good not to meet each other too often. Later you will be too dependent to each other. Happy pak tor'ing!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... I understand but I agree half oni hahaha totally disagree bout d paying part. 'ng sai tung hui hak hei' if u let d $$ stays in their pocket dey'll go do nasty things!! let dem pay!! dun let dem think at nite got sumone to hug is totally FOC! hehe