Saturday, November 03, 2007

Single again...

Just sent LKC to KLIA to board his flight to France. He will be arriving in Paris at 2pm (local time). It's gonna be a long journey...13 hours of flight. Luckily he's not flying alone this time. Though he doesn't like that guy that much, well at least, there is someone there to talk with.
Wonder what am I going to do in the next 6 weeks. It's time for me to get back to my work out now. It has been one month since the last time I went to Celebrity. It's time to keep fit, Leow Lisan!! You're getting fatter and fatter.
LKC, if you happen to read this, remember I don't want any handbags. It's too expensive. Remember you promised me one thing? You promised to buy me a teddy bear every time you visit a country. Just washed the soft toys on the bed. The American bear is slightly cleaner now, but the buttock is still quite dark. The two Korean Everland toys are very clean now. The Boston lobster as usual, cannot see whether it's clean or not. Dirty Cat looks cleaner also, not so dark already. I'm expecting a teddy bear from Harrods (not sure you can get it in France or not). Not very expensive only, it costs £14.95 for the bear below. Very cheap only!! Hehehe...

Remember this logo!!

And also this!!

Wahhh...what a surprise!! LKC was supposed to be in the flight while I am writing this. My phone just rang and it is the ringtone that I set for LKC. It's impossible LKC dares to turn on his phone in the flight...I was thinking. It was really LKC and when I picked up the call, he told me that his flight got delayed for 1 hour, though he is already in the plane. He said the flight has missed something, so need to wait for another hour for its turn. such thing one meh??!! I was hoping that they cancel the flight instead of delaying it. Anyway, the flight has already departed now. Safe journey and take care! See you in 6 weeks later. Miss ya! Love ya! Muaksss.

P/s: Will start blogging on my Taiwan trip tomorrow. Sorry for the delays!!


Survon said...

What have you done to the American bear till the buttock is so dirty even after wash?