Thursday, November 08, 2007

Holiday = Boring Day

Arrghhh....was trying to blog about my Taiwan trip, which has been pending for almost 2 weeks. I was trying to copy the link of my the photos that I had uploaded to Picasa but failed to do so. Only managed to paste the first few letters of the link....tu lan!! Will try to continue my post on this weekend since I'll be very free and will not be going back to Ipoh until next weekend.
It's Deepavali today. Happy Deepavali to whoever celebrating it. Holiday is the day I always looking forward to but not on today. It seems to be a super-duper boring day to me. I didn't go anywhere and didn't do anything. Slept at around 12 something last night. Wanted to wait for LKC to online so that I could talk with him but was too tired after attending 2 classes (Latin Mix and Hip Hop) yesterday. Woke up at around 10 this morning and lazing on the bed doing nothing except netsurfing.
At around 12, sent sms to LKC to wake him up (it was only 5am in France) and talked to him until 1 something when he needed to get ready for work. Got up and cooked instant noodle for lunch. Was lazing on the sofa watching tv and after that time to pamper myself. Washed my face, scrubbed it and put on a mask. Played some online game while waiting for it to dry up and fell asleep half way. Slept for almost an hour and quickly got up to wash off the mask. After that continued with my online game and watched some videos in youtube.
Time for dinner. Cooked fried noodle with hotdogs and crabstick. After that, watched tv again and tried on the new dress that I bought on last Sunday at The Curve street market and also the accessories that I bought in Taiwan to match with the dress. The dress was only RM50 and the bead necklace was only RM5, which was a very cheap deal. After trying on the dress, sitting in front of the lappie trying to blog about what Taiwan trip but failed to do so and start writting this blog.
It's not even a week, 5 more weeks to go before LKC comes back. Sigh...boring boring boring. LKC will be going to Paris tomorrow and will only be back on Sunday. What am I going to do this weekend?


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