Monday, November 26, 2007

The returns...

Wow...what is going on? All the 90s boy/ girl bands are making their return now after missing for a decade. Remember Spice Girls? Westlife? Backstreet Boys? Take That? All are making their returns to this music industry . They have finished spending their money? That's why returning to the music industry to make money again? Not too bad that they earned could last them for 10 years.

All the groups did not change much...but don't think they deserve to be called as boy/ girl bands now. Should call them man/ woman bands now. Westlife and Backstreet Boys left only 4 members. Haven't listen to any of the albums below, so can't tell how much they have changed.
Take That - Beautiful World (released mid of 2007)

Westlife - Back Home (released Nov 2007)

Spice Girls - Now Return (released Nov 2007)

Backstreet Boys - Unbreakable (released Oct 2007)

So, who will be the next to make a return? 911? Atomic Kittens? Blue? S Club 7? After looking at all these bands, it reminds me of my old school days, where we used to admire these boy bands so much. Bought lots of magazines (Smash Hits, Big, Galaxy) which were quite costly even today (if I'm not mistaken, I paid RM6-7 per magazines).

I used to like 911 so much. Went to their concert back in the year 1998 at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. Bought all their albums and singles which were released in Malaysia. Bought all the magazines which had them in the cover or even covered just a little bit of news on them. Wonder how much I had spent on all these CDs and magazines.

Another group that I used to like so much was Take That. Well, didn't spend much money on this group as when I got to know them, it was almost the time when they split. Still liking their songs very much especially Never Forget, Back for Good, Babe and etc. I even watched their Home Coming Concert twice recently. First time was on the flight to Taiwan and another time was on Channel V.

Anyway, lets see which boy/ girl will make their return next.