Saturday, September 02, 2006

My fitness classes

I've been very hardworking going to Celebrity Fitness for the past one week. Went there on last Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and as well as today. Been enjoying myself very much especially on the dance classes like the Latin Mix class and Hip Hop class, as well as the group exercise classes like the Body Combat and RPM (cycling class). Latin Mix class is fun, it could be because of the funny instructor or it could be because of the steps. The steps are easy to follow and I can sweat alot even when I don't need to jump up and down. Hip Hop class is abit more difficult to follow as the steps are fast and I can't dance as cool as the instructor. Maybe because I'm getting old, Hip Hop is more for the youngster and old lady like me will probably enjoy Latin than Hip Hop. Anyway, both the classes are very interesting and can really make you sweat alot. The Body Combat is really cool too. You'll be able to "fight" if someone attacks you as it is something like martial art which includes karate. I only managed to attend for half an hour of the class as my stamina is too weak. Felt like suffocated after "fighting" for half and hour. Better stop before I faint in front of so many people. Went to the RPM class today. It's a very tiring class, though it sounded easy as it only involves cycling. In fact, it's very difficult as the way you cycle is something like you're going up the hill and coming down from the hill.
LKC and I had a Rapid Result Training (Personal Training) session on Thursday with a professional trainer. She taught us the actual way to use few of the fitness machines so that we will not hurt ourselves in future. I don't know it's their marketing tactic or maybe it's the truth. I was asked to push a machine which is 20kg, while LKC needed to push 40kg. Hey come on, it was just our first day. Of course we will find it very difficult to push it as we do not have the strength built-in our body. LKC and I were almost dying even from the beginning. After the session, the trainer asked us a question "Do you think you manage to do it all by yourself without personal training sessions in the future?". What the heck...sure no-lah. That's where another issue pop-up. She suggested us to take a course, which consists of 24 personal training sessions, which we can split between LKC and I. Guess how much does it cost? RM200? RM500? RM 1000? Nope... it costs RM 3000 and she's even giving us an offer that is she will personally give us another 6 sessions, which added up to 30 sessions for RM3000. RM100 per session just for an hour. Isn't it too expensive? Isn't it very expensive? This is crazy. Anyway, LKC and I did not fall into this trap as both of us are not rushing to see the result. So, why spend such an unnecessary money? Let see what can I get from RM3000...
  • at least 2 Coach's handbags
  • trip to Korea/ Australia for 1 person
  • a slimming session from the well-known slimming centres
  • down-payment for a Proton car
  • a very high-tech PDA phone...don't know what brand and model-lah...too hi-tech already, can't follow the trend already
  • 100 pieces of clothes...if each costs RM30 per piece...wahh...I can wear new clothes everyday for at least 3 months
  • 50 pairs of heels...if each costs RM60 per pair...wahh...happy...hehehe
  • can go for minor plastic surgery

Hahaha...I know I "ki-siao" already. They're really very crazy. I can't even earn RM3000 a month. How do I afford to buy the sessions? Sot-sot dei one. Mimi (the trainer), wait for me. One day I'll buy the sessions from you, ok? Wait for me...this day might arrive...just wait patiently...kakaka