Sunday, September 24, 2006

84 days more

Went to Matta Fair yesterday afternoon to re-book my Korea trip with LKC. At last, my Korea trip is confirmed! Will be going to Korea on the 17th! It's a 6 days trip to Seoul, Nami Island Suwon and last but not least a ski tour!'s gonna be winter. Sigh, the trip is more expensive than the last trip that we booked. An extra of RM600 per person, but nvm lah, LKC is paying for the whole trip, I need not worry bout it...hehehe. All I need is to save money to buy the winter wear, which I always wanted to buy. It's gonna be Christmas season...finally, I can celebrate a white christmas this time. I tried skiing before back in Australia, but never enjoyed myself that time, the ski equipment was soooooo heavy and I was at the ski resort for only one day. There wasn't enough time for me to really experience it. It's gonna be different this time, I will be staying at Hyundai Sungwoo Ski Resort for one night. Will have enough time to play and the most interesting part will be making a snow man with my LKC. I wanted to go to Jeju Island but they did not offer a 6 days trip that included Jeju Island. If I were to choose Jeju Island, then I will be going to Shanghai instead of Seoul and it will be a 8 days trip. I had been enjoying the Korean BBQ last two months, wonder whether the one that I had in Malaysia is the same as those that are in Korea. Hmm...will be able to find out soon. Korea, here I come!


Survon said...

I had a nightmare with the skiing too. Good luck, baby.