Friday, March 10, 2006

Call me mummy!

She is my daughter. Can you believe it? Can you believe that I have a daughter? It's true. She's really my daughter. But she's not my real daughter. I didn't give birth on early age...don't worry. She's just my sponsored child. Wanted to sponsor a child when I was still in the down under. But that time I was still being "sponsored" by my beloved father, so there's no point for me to sponsor a child. Finally, I'm working now. I'm "sponsoring" myself now, not depending on my father anymore. I forgot how I came across with this organisation, called World Vision Malaysia that provides Child Sponsor Programme. Instead of wasting my RM50 every month by spending on something unnecessary, why not I take the initiative to sponsor a child. RM50 to save a child is really not a big sum. To be honest, what's RM50 nowadays? It's really nothing. By the way, let me introduce my daughter:-
Name: Yang, Jia Xin
Gender: Female
Birthday: 30/12/1999
Location: Hebei Pingquan, China
It's not easy to be a "mother". There are some guidelines that I need to follow when choosing a gift for this "daughter". Oh gosh, it seems like it is more difficult than being a real mother. OK, I know I have never become a mother before, but I'm an aunty for my cute-little-niece, Sidney Leow. Well, at least I do not have to follow the guidelines when purchasing gifts for my niece. Anyway, it's really a nice experience to sponsor this child. Hoepfully, with little sponsor by me can really improve the life of this little girl.


SweetSourBitter said...

Mummy mummy.. sponsor me as well :) nah.. just kidding! You're doing something good! Spending Rm50 on charity.. how does this work? Do you actually get to speak to her or does she know of your existence?

Lisan said...

you can go to to find out more. She knows of my existence and they can actually arrange a trip for me to visit her if i want to.

Lisan said...

Btw, world vision is an international recognised body, that's why I'm confident to donate to them. If for others, then maybe I'll have to think twice.

Survon said... great....i'm thinking of doing the same too....

But wait till i found a steady job back in Malaysia first..