Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Sidney!

Do these photos look familiar to you? Do you feel that you had seen these photos before? idea where you had seen it before? Hahaha...try to look back at your own photo album. Don't the photos look like those that your parents took for you when you were small? Your parents had a party to celebrate your one-year-old birthday and invited friends and relatives over but you had no idea at all what was going on. The friends brought along their children and you were "forced" to take photos with your childhood friends or also better known as "strangers" after you've grown up. Look at the way we took the photos, it's exactly like the way our parents took the photos when we were young. Isn't it funny? The way we took the photos were exactly like the way our parents took the photos at least 2 decades back. Anyway, these photos were taken on my beloved niece, cid-cey-ceow's one-year-old birthday party on last Saturday. Invited quite a number of people, my brother and sister-in-law's friends, my mother's friends and also not to forget, my relatives.
This cheeky little monster has been very naughty on her birthday. The kids were playing at her toys and she was screaming and scolding people from the back. Oh gosh...I wonder how is my brother going to teach this little monster. She cried even before we punish her and sometimes she will show you her cute face by smiling cheekily to you hoping that you will forget to punish her.
Mum has been rushing my brother to go and register a place in either Ave Maria Convent or MGS, depending whether they want the daughter to be chinese or english educated. I thought this situation only happens in Klang Valley here as one of my colleague registered her son since he was one. Do we really need to be like the Hong Kong's education, where the parents have to queue up to get the registration form and equipped their children with all the skills just to impress the headmaster in future? As I told LKC the other day, in future, I'll put my children in the International school, provided that I have the money to pay for the fees larrr...well, at least, I'll not face the problem of worrying my children can't get into the school that I want. Hahaha...I'm thinking too much now.