Sunday, September 10, 2006

It has been a while since the last time I went for a movie. Went to catch "Snake on a Plane" at GSC, 1-Utama with Fei Pin, Cheng Ghee, Chye Cheey and Alvin. Still remember the last movie that I watched was either Superman Returns or the Chinese horror movie, Recycle. So what does this Snake on a Plane about? You can guess it correctly from the title of the movie. Obviously it's talking about snakes and a plane. I'm not going to tell you the movie as I'm very bad in telling stories. Go and watch it yourself. It's an interesting and yet "horrible" movie.
What's with life lately? Nothing much...not busy in works as I had left the hell project and back to office for good. Though it's quite boring to stay in the office but it is still better than going to Shah Alam and looking at somebody whom I hate the most. Been trying on something new but I've no idea at all on what I have been reading since this morning. That's why I'm writing this post right now. Nothing much special things happened lately. Celebrity Fitness has been my "lepak" place lately. Go there for almost 4 times a week but never seem to see any results. The worst part is, I've been gaining weight. The aunty's body figure is getting more and more transparent each time I look at the mirror. Sigh...why is that so?
Will be going back to Ipoh this weekend for my beloved niece aka cid-cey-ceow's birthday. Time flies...she's officially 1-year-old on the 17th Sept. Still remember the time when she was just borned. Skinny and yellowish. That was all that I could described. But look at her now...she's very chubby and been very cheeky. Learning to walk and talk now. Ooohh...miss her so much. Can't wait to see her this Friday.