Saturday, September 16, 2006


Writting blogs and reading someone's blogs have been one of my hobby lately. I enjoy reading blogs especially my friends' blogs. Once in a while, I will browse through my friends' friends' blogs and while I was browsing Mich's blog just now, I came across her brother's blog. Her brother had left us for good on last Tuesday and while I was reading his blog, I actually miss this guy, though, in actual fact, I wasn't close with him when he was still alive. The memories that I had weren't much. The meetings that I had with him weren't much too. Somehow, I really feel sorry and sad after receiving the news. I wonder how will I feel if someone who is very very close to me, like mum, dad, bro, sis, lkc, etc...leave me one day? I attended Vince's memorial service on Thursday night. Saw Mich and her parents. To my surprise, they were very strong in holding back their tears. I was trying to hold back the tears when one of Mich's cousin, Juliana, if I'm not mistaken, suddenly busted into tears while she was giving the speech. Mich showed to me that she's a very tough and strong girl. Instead of someone consoling her for her brother's leaving, she consoled Juliana and some other people who attended the service. She looked strong physically and I do hope that she's mentally strong too. I can never know and don't really wish to know how does it feel for losing someone who is very close to you. But I do know that, supports from relatives and friends are extremely important. So Mich, if so happen that you read this, we just want you to know that you'll always have us by your side. If there's anything you need or you're just too bored, do remember to give us a call for a night out or just for a drink.


michelle said...

dear san,

i just read this blog today. thanks for your condolences. time past by very quickly & it's now almost 9 months already. it has been the most difficult months i have ever lived. things are getting better now.