Friday, September 22, 2006

You're one year older!

OMG...there are really really really many people borned in the month of September. I know it's very irritating to those that visit my blog for reading the birthday wishes almost everyday. So, to save this hassle, I'll just wish them all at once here.

1st - Shiau Wei
4th - LKC
5th - Popo
11th - Soo
13th - Mei Yin
14th - Lin Zhen
17th - Sidney
21st - Oi Lan
22nd - Betsy and Yudi
28th - Fei Yee
29th - Rong Hui

Most of them never read my blog...but never mind lar, wish them Happy Birthday also larrr. At least I wish them. Hahaha...see I already said in my earlier post, September is a peak season. Happy birthday to you guys and gals. Wishing you all have a happy life always and may all you wishes come true. To those that already have bf/ gf, then wishing both of you will get married soon and don't forget to invite me to be your "jie mui" or "heng dai". And to those haven't found your Mr. Right or Miss Right, then wishing you all will find them as soon as possible. Happy birthday once again!
p/s: If I missed anyone out from the list, a thousand apologies!